North West performs a “Lion King” concert, sparking backlash

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North West recently took to the stage to perform at the “Lion King” anniversary concert, but the Internet is not buzzing with applause.

The young media personality, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Ye (formerly Kanye West), made her Hollywood Bowl debut on Friday and Saturday with her performance as Simba in “Disney’s The Lion King 30th Anniversary – A Live-to-Film Concert Event.” Which included live performances of the film’s songs from cast members from the 1994 original, the 2019 remake and the Broadway musical.

After being introduced by Jason Weaver, who sang the role of Simba in the 1994 film “The Lion King,” West gave an impassioned rendition of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.” The 10-year-old wears a Simba-inspired zip-up hoodie and a fuzzy headdress designed by ErlThey sang and danced enthusiastically, surrounded by animal dancers, according to what was reported by The Sun website. Screenshots of the performance Online subscriber.

The star-studded concert lineup also included performances by Weaver, Billy Eichner, Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, Heather Headley and Jennifer Hudson.

On social media, West’s performance sparked criticism, with some claiming the young Kardashian was chosen because of her parents’ fame.

Northwest takes the stage: Kim Kardashian’s daughter joins the cast of Disney’s live-action ‘The Lion King’ concert.

North West’s casting in the “Lion King” concert has been criticized on social media

Critics on social media criticized West’s casting in the “Lion King” gala as an example of nepotism in the entertainment industry.

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“North West would probably be great as the lead in a high school production of The Lion King, but for a 30th anniversary concert, it’s a bit awkward,” User X @NomadicalKing books. “The favoritism was evident, and you could see and hear the lack of training. Shame on the parents… This was more for them than her.”

“The whole North West/Lion King situation reminds me of the real world (and) how interviews for a job/opportunity can go.” @TsukiiLyte He wrote on X. “It’s never what you can do or how perfect you think you are, it’s who you know. We’ve all seen it. This is no different.”

One X user He said West’s casting “subverted the integrity” of the Disney classic.

“Hundreds of talented kids… worked for opportunities like this,” the user wrote, like “the kids playing Simba/Nala in The Lion King on Broadway (who) left no crumbs behind, but instead, went (with ) Nepotism.

“I support children from Nebo getting opportunities,” User X @littlemsfancy_ books. “But the hard-working stage kid deserves this role. She even wore a hoodie (and slippers). 😒”

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‘Lion King’ star Jason Weaver pays tribute to Northwest

in Instagram share Weaver said Saturday it was an “honor” to perform alongside West, a “young star in the making.”

“I’m so proud of you, North!! You’re doing an exceptional job on this show!” Weaver wrote alongside a photo of the two of them. “Can’t wait for people to see your performance of ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ when The Lion King 30th Anniversary Celebration starts streaming on @disneyplus!!”

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He added: “You are a true professional, and I wish you nothing but the best as you continue your journey to greatness!!”

Contributing: Brendan Morrow, USA Today

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