No one knows when the 2024 schedule will come

We pointed out on Monday that The signs indicate The NFL will release the full season schedule for 2024 next week. In response, we heard from some people who know some things and/or have heard some things.

The overwhelming atmosphere is that no one knows when the schedule will come. This is strange on its face.

At one point, this was the week. That appears to have changed, because if he were to come this week (Thursday night was the target), word would spread.

Next week makes the most sense, because the following week precedes Memorial Day weekend.

Equally mysterious is the reason for the delay. The most obvious source of complexity is the fairly recent decision to play two games on Wednesday, December 25 – after the league insisted for months that it would not tie games to Christmas when it lands on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Between selecting teams to play on Christmas, selling broadcast rights to the matches and then having those same four teams play the previous Saturday, the plan may have thrown a wrench in the gears.

No matter the reason, no one knows what’s going on. All we know is that the schedule will come this month. For people who want to plan trips to specific games, the earlier they know the schedule, the better.

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