Deion Sanders presents sunglasses to the team after criticism from Colorado State’s Jay Norvell

Colorado coach Deion Sanders had a surprise for his team in his Friday morning meeting after this week’s war of words with Colorado State coach Jay Norvell.

He gave each player a pair of Blenders sunglasses, the company with which Sanders has a collection of sunglasses.

“They don’t realize that we’re not just going to kick them because it’s personal, it’s going to be business and fun, too,” Sanders said. “They don’t realize it, they just help me work.”

Sanders also handed out some glasses to the hosts of ESPN’s “First Take” during his appearance on the show on Friday.

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During a radio show Wednesday night, Colorado State coach Jay Norvell took issue with Sanders’ usual attire for the news conference.

“I sat down with ESPN today. I don’t care if they hear it in Boulder. I told them I took my hat off and I took my glasses off,” Norvell said. “I said when I talk to adults, I take my hat off and I take my glasses off. “This is what my mother taught me.”

During Thursday’s practice, Sanders addressed the criticism with his team in a video captured by Well Off Media, a YouTube channel run by his son, Deion Sanders Jr.

“I’m minding my own business, watching some film, trying to prepare, trying to get out of here and be the best coach I can be, and I looked up and read some of the things that were said about us,” Sanders said. He told his players. “once again.

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