No Man’s Sky’s latest major update is a massive overhaul of its tallest cargo spacecraft

No Man’s Sky Has a new major free update released today, Developer Hello Games . announced. The new Endurance update focuses on the game cargo ships And the frigatesLarge ships in the game that players can use as a mobile base of operations and complete missions. Endurance is the game’s 20th major update, originally released in 2016.

The improvements that come with this major update include a new ship bridge that provides instant access to warp and teleportation to navigate the game world. Players can also build larger cargo ships that feature outer divisions, as well as new features for growth and manufacturing, and ships can now analyze planets from space. New missions focused on expedition and combat missions offer more goal-based missions to complete.

Asteroids have also seen improvements.
Photo: Hello Games

In addition to the ships themselves, Endurance also includes improvements to the wider universe. Asteroids now look more diverse and can appear in vast asteroid fields with thousands of bodies, and there are new black holes and nebulae that can be seen across the universe.

Endurance is coming only a few months later No Man’s Skylast major update, outlaws, which included a variety of crime-related activities such as smuggling, bounty missions, planetary raids, and wearable capes. Between it and the more than ten other updates the game has received since its launch, the game is almost unrecognizable compared to what was released six years ago.

No Man’s Sky Currently available across a variety of platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S, and PC. a Switch release planned for Octoberis also scheduled to Come to Mac and iPad later this year.

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