NJ’s pizza joint got TikTok fame thanks to the owner’s lewd son

It is the symbol of New Jersey.

Every day, 25-year-old Salvatore Mandrocchi toils behind the table in Marcelo Pizza Grilla 20-year-old institution outside of Trenton.

But on TikTok and Instagram, Mandreucci is known as Sally slicesHis 4 million social followers might make him the most popular pizza in the United States.

Its content is mysterious and honest at the same time. Mandrocchi leans his phone against the kitchen wall and records his daily shifts. A sad Spanish hymn plays in the background while a short sad commentary glows across the screen. “Be a good person, but don’t waste your time proving it,” read one. He has hundreds of videos like this – Italian Cooking and Existential Spaces. Mandreucci’s TikTok bio reads “CEO of Inspiration,” and over the past year that role has turned him into a star.

Salvatore Mandrocchi, 25, is known as SallySlices on TikTok and Instagram, gathering his four million social media followers.

Stephen Jeremiah for The New York Post
Mandreucci is a humble cook at Marcello's Pizza Grill, who toils behind the oven every day at the 20-year-old establishment in Trenton, New Jersey.
Mandreucci works at Marcello’s Pizza Grill.
Stephen Jeremiah for The New York Post

“[When I started TikTok] I said to my dad, “Look, I have 6000 followers.” Do you know what he told me? “This is the bulls-t.” But the next week I had 20,000 people, and I saw his behavior change. Mandrocchi told The Post in a Pesci-esque Jersey accent.

“My dad was my biggest supporter. Every day we have people stopping by from different states,” noting that TikTok’s popularity has been great for Marcello, located in a mall in Hamilton Square. “California, Texas, Florida. They’re doing something else in the area and stopping.”

The restaurant receives 25 calls a day from fans looking to speak with him, forcing Mandreucci to avoid the phone altogether. So, how did the man behind the oven of a family pizzeria — Mandrushi’s father of first-generation Sicilian immigrants — come to co-star with Boston Bruins defender Matt Grzelcic and UFC lightweight Charles Oliveira?

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Salvatore Mandrocchi, one of the clients and father of Mandrocchi
“My dad was my biggest supporter. Every day we have people stopping by from different states.” Above, Mandreucci, a customer and Mandreucci’s father.
Instagram: @sallyslices_
A general view of Marcello's Pizza Grill at Hamilton Square on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 in Trenton, New Jersey.
Marchello’s Pizza-Grill is a 20-year-old establishment outside of Trenton.
Stephen Jeremiah for The New York Post

Tall and cute, Mandreucci sure helps with that. Ray reminds Liotta with bright eyes at the beginning of the movie “Goodfellas” Or the younger Nicholas Cage. Mandrocchi’s triceps muscles flex as he spreads the dough and drips the olive oil, a fact many commentators thirsty for his suppositories have recognized—one says, “Drink pizza anytime.”

But other fans seem to have been really impressed with his sadistic patterns that drift across pepperoni pies — a content strategy that Mandreucci describes as combining “authentic pizzeria” business with “inspiration.” He’s been running deliveries and washing dishes since the age of 16, and his father instilled in him the hard lessons from the old country.

“I’ve always dealt with mental warfare. I felt neglected as a kid,” Mandrocchi said, explaining linking his videos as the years progressed, becoming wiser. “I learned a lot from what I experienced when I was a kid. What if others want to hear it? “

Read Mandreucci's TikTok Biography
Mandreucci’s TikTok bio reads “CEO of Inspiration.”
sallyslices / TikTok

While he considers himself a pizza maker first, Mandreucci is already expanding his footprint beyond Marcello. He sells merchandise They have the SallySlices logo on their websiteand has an audio track on Spotify called “The Mind of a Man”. (It has about 60,000 plays.)

Ultimately, he hopes to use his TikTok success into a film career. And while that would definitely keep him away from the family business, it’s a dream that his parents uphold.

“All my parents,” Mandrocchi said. “They want me to do what I love.” “My dad wants me out of the pizzeria, actually. He told me he didn’t want me to break my ass like he had for the past 50 years.”

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