Nintendo releases the update for Switch (version 17.0.1), and here are the details

Image: Nintendo

Following a system update in December last year, which brought the Switch's firmware to version 17.0.1, Nintendo has now quietly released another “no reboot” update.

This was it again Most notable is dataminer “OatmealDome” on social mediawhich shares a brief reminder that “zero restart updates” don’t require you to restart your console or take any other action, and often only contain some “minor changes.”

This latest version has updated the Bad Words List, banned more phrases, and also blocked some other threats in Japanese. You can see the Full rundown here.

In Nintendo's original patch notes for version 17.0.1, Nintendo said it had resolved an issue with local connectivity for some software and as usual made some general improvements to system stability to enhance the overall experience. You can learn more in our previous article:

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