Full Street Fighter 6 themes for Juri and Kimberly

“Arachnid**” and “Ninjastar Pop”

The world can finally hear the full themes of Juri and Kimberly in Street Fighter 6 thanks to today Rolling Stone Street Fighter 6 live stream.

We heard snippets of both these fighters a few weeks ago when their reveal trailers dropped on the Evo, but now we’ve got great access to them.

The seductive spider Gorey is all about luring the enemies before they suddenly pounce. Heavy bass BGM, Ã…rachniD**, plays on this a bit because she’s kind of toe before hitting hard with some heavy beats.

It’s a little confusing (on purpose) because it jumps awkwardly and swings between gears, never letting you feel stable and secure. The best thing is to cuddle her and take a ride with Gauri… wherever she wants to take you.

Kimberly’s theme, Ninjastar Pop, is more upbeat and adventurous, as her character dictates. It goes with the hip-hop theme of Street Fighter 6, but are you ever wrong to think we hear a bit of Guy’s Alpha hidden in it?

We’ve also included a new Guile’s Street Fighter 6 theme as he was the third most recent character to be revealed for the game. Check out the tunes in the video below and let us know what you think of each one individually as well as SF6’s music as a whole so far.

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00:00 – Jory theme
03:32 – Kimberly theme
06:45 – Guile’s topic

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