NHL Quit Reverse Retro Jersey Program

One of the best parts of the NHL’s jersey agreement with Adidas over the past five years has been the creation of the Reverse Retro jerseys.

Remixing, or inverting, the iconic old jerseys, the NHL and Adidas have released two official versions of the program during the 2020-21 and 2022-23 seasons before swinging the Reverse Retro jerseys at the 2023 All-Star Game. The idea appears to have legs for years to come as teams can achieve More revenue while experimenting with old designs or creating entirely new ones, making their brand more diversified.

But the 2023 ASG jacket appears to be the final version of an RR jersey as ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski says. It is reported that the program is in the basement After the league signed a 10-year agreement with the Fanatics.

NHL Executive Vice President of Marketing Brian Jennings Wyshynski said that Reverse Retro was inspired by a “limited drops or rarity model”. Items that sell out quickly are creating more urgency among fans to buy while the coronavirus pandemic has caused legitimate supply chain issues. Jennings added that the NHL She owns the designs of all the jerseys that have ever hit the iceimplying that the termination of the program was not due to Adidas leaving as the league’s official manufacturer.

“Reverse Retro has been incredibly successful for two years,” Jennings said. “But I wasn’t going to go back and do Reverse Retro 3.0. I think she did what she wanted.”

This comment may conflict with what fans think of the NHL, especially in the DC area.

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Arguably the league’s most successful Reverse Retro, the Washington Capitals brought back the red-and-black mid-1990s Screaming Eagle logo.

The Capitals had the best-selling Reverse Retro jersey in 2020. The jerseys sold out within minutes online after being released on Shop.NHL.com. NHL players voted the Capitals Screagle design the fifth best in the NHL. In an RMNB poll, Capitals fans voted for the Screaming Eagle to be the most popular logo from the Alex Ovechkin Era in DC.

Alex Ovechkin has scored in every game he’s donned the black Screaming Eagle RR jersey this season and made a public appeal to bring it back in 2023-24.

“Yes, it will be our last match in this jersey,” said Ovechkin. “I hope they think about it and bring it back next year.”

Banner photo: Alan Dobbins / RMNB

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