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Guys, welcome to our coverage of the NFC Championship, in this case it is an extension of the NFC West Championship.

It San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams: Against the Los Angeles Rams team on the road in the modern scenario where the Super Bowl facility will soon be.

In fact, the Rams – the best quarterback, the most talented, the best division finish, the home game – are in a strange position for something. Despite all the advantages listed above, LA seems to fit right into the “no one wants us” category, including the January home game you will play all season to earn. Or worse, maybe it’s the “nobody cares about us” slot (golf) where they sit.

That’s the life of someone based in Los Angeles NFL Team: Fancy address, some fans. There was a reason this city had long been the vacuum of the most famous league of nations: they were not in it. Or LA could be a significant immigrant city, for example, among others like the 49ers: this week’s housing team.

Even worse for the Rams, San Francisco beat them twice in the regular season, most recently extending their strong winning streak to six against SoCal ownership, 27-24 at the same venue a few weeks ago.

So yes, there are a lot of negative storylines when it comes to these Rams. Of course all of this is not fair: these Rams are really a great team, really want to win today. If they win, they will be in the second Super Bowl in four seasons. Lots of owners will sign up for it (I can think of two in New York).

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This is the team of QB Matthew Stafford, white receiver Cooper Kup, defensive tackle Aaron Donald and cornerback John Ramsey. Even Matt Kay, whose clutch kick added them to the NFC title game, is a pro bowler. So this team has Super Bowl caliber weapons – they only have a few fans and can’t beat the Knights. This is a bit problematic.

Because the Niners’ amazingly beautiful quarterback Jimmy Carroll, OK / Good First is good, sometimes only very good, is further proof that it is possible for an owner to enter the big games of the world and really win without the Mahomes and Rodgers. they. (Also assisted by Brad Johnson and Trent Tilfer).

The mortal Jimmy G excels beyond his natural ability because he can count on the energetic cast around him – including five pro bowlers, seven substitutes, Whiteout Debo Samuel and the tight George Kitt. They are well-coached by head coach Kyle Shanahan and are capable of three wins and one win on a cold and snowy road against a Rodgers team.

That means these 49 players have no fear in the restricted, substantial friendly environment in which these two teams play today.

How does it end? Well, we’re here to find out. Before kicking off, get a little more pre-game feed and get to your thoughts. You add them. Seriously, hit me for anything – I’m here for you. Email me your thoughts or tweet @LengelDavid I will put your name on paper (your mom will be so proud).

Come back soon with more: Join us!

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