Mortal Kombat 2 code leak revealed by Warner Bros.

picture: Midway Games / Underworld / Warner Bros.

During the winter holidays, someone filled everything up Mortal Kombat Estimated Christmas stockings with a little something extra: Mortal Kombat IIGitHub source code. Lawyers at Warner Bros. objected. So make a quick order DMCA takedown notice Which Github has complied with by disabling public access – but don’t worry, as there are other ways to check for content dumps.

I mentioned at the beginning before flagrantThe Github post was uploaded to the online hosting service on December 27 before it was re-shared on r/MortalKombat subreddit. While Second Knesset memberThe entire source code is no longer available thanks to the DMCA takedown, which hasn’t stopped MK Fans of re-uploading sprites and artwork to social media.

The most important elements of the content are Second Knesset member The source code dump was discovered to be unused animations, artwork, and animations that didn’t make it to the game’s 1993 release. One piece of artwork was a replacement attraction mode Screen showing Shao Khan oiled. Although the alternate painting of Sindel’s rejected lover looks the same Second Knesset memberShao Khan’s last attraction mode screenUnused artwork contains a collection of treats hidden on floating platforms in the background instead of a roaring fire. to me ribbedHowever, the original artwork is even more imposing as it shows how the odds are stacked against the Earth realm. Honestly, yes, a bunch of platform wizards are leagues scarier than public flames, especially if you’ve had the misfortune of playing the ’97 beat ‘up spin-off, Mortal Kombat Legends.

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The MK II leak also showcased some previously unused sprite animation and moves. If you don’t have time to parse through a The YouTube video is about three hours long From some dude cleaning up GitHub files, here’s a Detailed Twitter thread Rounding up all the notable results, Twitter user Pegasus Kid combed through the leak and uploaded a comprehensive series of cut moves, stage art, and dead. My favorite Elf, as everyone was wondering, is Animation of Kentaro’s walking cycle Because it is perfectly timed to the music in Lime solid mineral But the video d. Livesey meme.

Kotaku Warner Bros. Studios has been reached. and Nether Realm for comment.

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