Minnesota Timberwolves’ Carl-Anthony Downs bounced back with a win over Memphis Grizzlies in Game 4.

Minneapolis – A dull outing of the Minnesota Timberwolves Game 3 defeat Cities of Carl-Anthony Memphis responded with a superb performance in a win over Minnesota’s 119-118 in the 4th game on Saturday night. The top seven series are now tied at 2-2.

Downs, a three-time All-Star and No. 1 seed in the 2015 NBA Draft, has lost the previous two games in Minnesota. In games 2 and 3, he made 10 personal mistakes, but only seven field goals as Grizzlies threw several defenders at him in the half court.

“A bunch of rage,” Downs said of his mood swings on Game 4. “They try to find ways to dominate whatever they throw [at me] – Double, triple, quadruple, the coach comes to the field and guards me – find ways to put the ball in the bucket. “

Cities combined with 33 points and 14 rebounds Kevin Garnett The only Timberwolves players to record 30 and 10 playoff games. Downs, one of the NBA’s most versatile offensive greats, showed his full potential. He thrived on the big-and-roll, driven as an isolated scorer against Memphis’ exaggerated great defenders and even came off screen as a long-distance shooter. Effectively scored 1.43 points for each possession.

“He was angry,” Minnesota coach Chris Finch said of Downs’ attitude before the game. “He was very good from the start: aggressive, putting pressure on them, forcing them to whistle, going to the free throw line, things he hasn’t done much in the last two games.”

Cities live on the Free Throw Line on Saturday, challenging Grizzlys’ safety on the way to the basket. He sank 14 of his 17 free throw attempts and most of his overall success in Game 4 was due to his output on the stripe.

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“It gives me edge-free shots,” Downs said. “It gives a good touch to basketball. It gives me a good rhythm. For me, most importantly, personally, it allows me to calm down.”

In those free throws, the pair ice-played the game for the Timberwolves, putting up four points with 4.4 seconds left. Downs, the 83.3% free throw shooter, said he was infinitely confident he would filter the final shot.

“I know it’s good – the game is over,” he said. “I was wondering what I was going to eat.”

Then, Chrislice guard Ja Morant He praised Downes’ effort in light of his poor performance in Minnesota’s historic fall in Game 3.

“KAD responded like a superstar,” Morant said.

Morant, who scored just 11 points in 4-13 shooting from the field – with 16 assists – will have the opportunity to respond for himself in the 5th game at Memphis on Tuesday night.

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