Walmart is serious about metawares

Walmart seems to be preparing for a leap in metawares. Recent trademark applications indicate that the company wants to establish its own NFTs and cryptocurrency. CNBC.

The retailer filed several trademarks on December 30, recommending plans to start selling virtual goods, including electronics, toys, equipment, sporting goods, clothing, home furnishings and more. CNBC. It offers customers the opportunity to buy and sell digital currency and NFTs. Meanwhile, another application describes potential “physical fitness training services” and “classes in the field of health and nutrition” that can take place in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality contexts (VR) – a separate filing for use by the company. Its name and logo on VR and AR.

Indicated by Bloomberg, Walmart also filed trademarks for the words “verse first home”, “verse to curb”, and “where to store”, indicating that they may be preparing a virtual shopping experience. Created for the company in 2017) Files are publicly available on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s site, some of which are listed under the retailer’s digital advertising initiative “Walmart Connect”. You can access the files by searching for “Walmart” or “Walmart Connect”. Trademark electronic search system (TESS).

“Walmart is constantly exploring how emerging technologies can shape future shopping experiences,” said Walmart spokeswoman Gary McNight. On the edge. “We have nothing to share today, but it’s worth noting that we usually file trademark applications as part of the innovation process.”

Last August, Walmart has posted a job listing for a cryptocurrency product specialist, One of the first signs of growing interest in Walmart’s metawares. Other retailers are also participating in the Metawares movement Nike wants to make money on NFTs and virtual sneakers, Adidas sells it Within the metawares NFT Collection, And Gap offers NFTs of its hoodies.

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