Millie Bobby Brown responds to comments about losing her British accent

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Millie Bobby Brown isn't here to comment on how her accent has changed as she spends more time in America.

the Weird things The star sat down for an interview with internet personality Max Ballygdy and discussed the social media conversations surrounding the actress who appears to have lost her British accent as she lives mostly in the United States now.

“I'm an actor,” Brown said. “I grew up in the public eye. I grew up in America. I come to the set, I'm an actor and I fit in, so I want to emulate others!”

She explained that the voices of the people around her — like her fiancé Jake Bongiovi, son of Jon Bon Jovi — can influence the way she speaks. But she noted that when she is in England, her natural accent comes out more.

“I can't help it when I'm around my fiancé, or when I'm with people like Jimmy Fallon, who has a very American accent, I want to replicate it!” Brown concluded. “And now I'm in England, I want to do it again [accent]! I'm not doing it intentionally, and I'm sorry if it offends you, okay? But listen, I'm doing my best! “I'm doing my best.”

After Brown appeared in Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon Earlier this month, social media users began pointing out that throughout the conversation, it seemed like the girl The star was losing her British accent.

“Her British accent is almost nonexistent anymore,” one user commented. Tik Tok video At the time, as another pointed out, “She pronounces certain words like British but the rhythm she uses is very American.”

On the other hand, some users defended her, with one writing: “People with accents are often asked to enunciate as much as possible so that others can understand them better. I don't think she lost her accent, I think this is just for the interview “.

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