Meghan Markle reports on bullying buried by the palace and he is ‘terrified of disturbing or provoking Harry and Meghan’

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Dispute over allegations that Meghan Markle Bullied by staff when she was a working member of the royal family – which Meghan vehemently denied as a “slander campaign” at the time – she slipped into a farce on Thursday, after Buckingham Palace confirmed rumors it would not publish a report that cost him the important, not allowing anyone who provided evidence of The report has been reviewed, and no changes to the human resources policy in the palace are announced as a result of the report.

A source said the palace would not provide further comment, but told the Daily Beast: “The recommendations will be moved forward,” adding, “Lessons have been learned.”

the palace Tell telegraph They were drawing a veil of secrecy to protect “the secrecy” of, among others, those who provided evidence in the report, but there was widespread suspicion on Thursday that the palace was actually working to Avoid antagonizing Harry and Meghan.

The couple still has the potential to do massive damage to the reputation of the royal family. Harry has a memoir due out in the fall and has been seen with Oprah Winfrey in recent days, sparking fears that the couple may be planning another session.

Allegations of bullying were made by Meghan and Harry Director of Communications Jason Knauf in 2018, writing to his private secretary, alleged “completely unacceptable” behavior and claimed “the Duchess was able to bully two protected areas outside the home in the past year”.

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However, claims appeared only in times Days before Harry and Meghan’s big interview with Oprah Winfrey, they accused a member of the royal family of racism. The move was widely seen as an “Obo dump” by the palace aimed at mitigating or distracting from the impact. Harry and Meghan’s discoveries.

The couple denied the allegations, saying Meghan was “saddened by the recent attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying”.

Buckingham Palace has vowed to investigate the allegations, but… daily Mail Reports indicate that at a Wednesday briefing on the annual royal financial report, it was revealed that the results would never be published, with the so-called master of the royal purse, Sir Michael Stephens, saying of the investigation: “There is nothing about this in the report. As We said last year, this work was done privately and the sovereign grant money was not spent on it.”

The Mail He said That employees who took part in the investigation “recently found out that it was over” and “would not be informed of the results of the investigation.”

A source told Mail: “Given that those who participated did so at great personal and reputational risk to themselves, the fact that they weren’t even told of their findings is incomprehensible. I’m sure they would be deeply concerned, but perhaps they wouldn’t be completely surprised given how they dealt With things going. The family appears to be terrified of harassing or provoking Harry and Meghan.”

The disclosure of the burial of the investigation appeared with the publication of the annual report of the Sovereign Grant. It showed that the Queen’s total annual spending rose 17 per cent to 102.4 million pounds ($122 million) during 2021/22, and that the property maintenance budget rose by 14.4 million pounds ($17.26 million) to 63.9 million pounds ($76.2 million). dollars), driven largely by extensive renovations to Buckingham Palace.

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