Mavericks-Warriors Takeaways: Luca Tonsic, Dallas rain in 4th game, hold on to Golden State to stay alive

Dallas Mavericks has not gone home yet. They faced off at home in Game 4, defeating the Golden State Warriors 119-109 on Tuesday night to claim their first victory in the Western Conference Final. The series, now 3-1 in favor of the Warriors, will return to the Bay Area for the 5th game on Thursday night.

After a competitive first quarter, Mavericks opened up a double-digit lead in the second quarter and took a 15-point lead at the break. Then, The game was stopped due to a leak in the roof of the American Airlines Center. When the game finally started again, the Mavericks took the right place from where they left off and took a 29-point lead with some incredible 3-point shooting. The Warriors reserve led to an exciting comeback, which narrowed the deficit to single digits late in the fourth quarter, leaving the game truly questionable.

Luca Tonsic was not very talented but took the lead with 30 points, 14 rebounds and nine assists. The main story of the Mavericks, their 3-point shoot. They went down 20 out of 43 from downtown and advanced to 7-3 when they took 15 15 3s in the playoffs. Reggie Bullock hit six on the way to 18 points.

While the Warriors ‘fourth-quarter rise shows some of the overall statistics accurately, this is not the Warriors’ best performance. Steff Curry had the most 20 points on the team, but only took 7 of 16 points from the field. Jonathan Cummins was the bright spot in defeat with 17 points and eight rebounds.

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As Dallas skipped a sweep, here are some key tips:

An incredible night of Mavs from 3-point land

The Mavericks attack is built around a 3-point shot, and to the point where they often live and die whether those shots go in or not, they are not in the series, except for the first half of Game 2, which is why Mavericks faced a 3-0 trailing elimination.

In Game 4, they went 20 out of 43 from downtown and headed for a series-saving victory. They doubled the Warriors from the outside and outscored them by 30 points from 3-point ground, which was irreplaceable. Mavericks are now 7-3 in the playoffs, making at least 15 3-points, 2-4 when that score is not reached.

Reggie Bullock, who went 10 to 0 off the field and never scored a point in defeat in Game 3, led the way with a team-high six and 3-pointers in Game 4. Eight different Mavericks also played the other team by scoring at least one triple.

Creating 20 3-pointers in a game is obviously easier said than done, but if Mavericks want to extend this series, it will require additional performance like this.

Danzig continues to excel in elimination games

The status of one of the best players in the league, Luca Tonsik, was reaffirmed before the game when he was named. For all NBA first team For the third season in a row. Milwaukee Bucks star Gianni Antotocounbo is the only player to feature in a three-year series in the first team.

If for some reason you still do not believe in Donsik’s brilliance, he provided additional evidence when the game started. When he was not very efficient, he was doing everything for the Mavericks and finished with 30 points, 14 rebounds, nine assists, two steals and two blocks.

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There are some players who can control a game like Danzig, and he’s not going to let the Mavericks fail. No need to be surprised considering his dominance when facing Elimination. Danzig and Maws are now 3-0 up in games that must be won in the post-season, and Danzig has averaged 36.6 points in the Elimination Games, the highest scoring average in league history under similar circumstances.

A different night of basketball

Overall, this is one of the weirdest nights of basketball we’ve seen during the playoffs. In particular, the rain was delayed, with half the time extended to almost 30 minutes. There was a leak in the roof of the American Airlines Center that caused water to fall on the court next to the Warriors bench. The stadium workers had to climb the gateways near the roof and set up a tar system to catch the water.

That alone would have made this a bizarre night, but the wonders didn’t stop there. In the middle of the third quarter, Tremond went to the Green Free Throw Line, and his first attempt jumped before being completely stopped at the back of the edge. Everyone was laughing, even the green one who shared a smile with Danzi at the time.

Finally, from a pure talent (luck) standpoint, Danzig had one of the most impressive products of the entire postseason, and it didn’t count. After a pause in the game, he threw the ball twenty feet high and when it came down it bounced once and then bounced around the edge and went inside.

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Strange, strange things. Hope Game 5 is very casual; A little competitiveness doesn’t hurt either.

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