Marlon Wayans cited Disturbing Peace, removed from Flight: Report


June 10, 2023 | 6:34 a.m

Marlon Wayans shared the story of why he was kicked off a United Airlines flight and cited it for disturbing the peace.marlonwayans / Instagram

Actor Marlon Wayans hit it off at United Airlines after a heated exchange saw him start a flight just hours before he was scheduled to go on stage.

The “White Chicks” star recounted his terrifying travel experience with fans on Friday, telling them he had to miss his performance in Kansas City because of his bag being checked.

“Bro claimed I had a lot of bags, so I complied and combined them and he was like, ‘Oh, now you have to check that bag. Farewell. “I’m in seat 2A come on,” the 50-year-old wrote Along with an Instagram video.

“Most agents always love, but every now and then, you run into bad guys. That was one of them. United, this kind of employee should never work in your company,” he rants.

After a heated exchange with a staff member, Wayans said he received a notice for disturbing the peace from the Denver Police Department, TMZ reports.

Then the representative confirmed the outlet’s report, and a Screenshot of the TMZ article on instagram.

Wayans later posted a photo where he was seen sitting on an American Airlines flight while continuing to scream.
marlonwayans / Instagram

“Try dude says I’m used to it,” Wayans wrote to his 6 million followers. “The video clearly shows I never touched him. He was desperate to try and get some power. I’ve traveled over 15,000,000 miles in my life, and I’ve rarely had problems. Anyone who knows who knows me knows I’m a nice guy.”

He continued, “He asked me to collect my bags, so I complied.” “Then, now he said I had to check the bag because now that I had it all in one bag it was too big. At that point, I said, ‘Look, now you’re king with me.'”

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“So I got my ticket at the counter and got on the plane. It was an inconvenience, and I’m going to make enough noise to make sure all my friends and family and people stop flying united. That’s going to be a corporate matter.”

Wayans later posted a photo where he was seen sitting on an American Airlines flight while continuing to scream.

Wayans later posted a photo of another person carrying several carry-on bags that he easily climbed onto the flight.
marlonwayans / Instagram

Travel where you are respected, protected and loved. @employee Concierge key!!! no more @united Wayans said. “You treated a first-rate brother with real disrespect. I need answers. And they owe me money for not showing up at KC. This isn’t going to stop until I get some apologies and there are changes.”

in Post to follow on InstagramWayans shared a clip of “White Chicks,” quoting the catchphrase, “I’m soooo freakin’ pissed!”

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“It was rude and wrong. I know many people feel this on a daily basis. What happened to true kindness. united You owe me for the inconvenience, for my missed shows, and most of all you owe it to my frustrated fans. After you make it up to me, you must give to all the affected fans.” My no-show vouchers for free rides.”

Wayans was scheduled to perform the first of three sold-out nights at the Improv Comedy Theater in Kansas City.

Page Six has reached out to United Airlines and the Denver Police Department for comment.

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