Liz Truss becomes the new UK Prime Minister as Boris Johnson bids farewell: Live updates

(Hannah McKay/Reuters)

Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss has said developing the economy, responding to the energy crisis and improving the National Health Service are her three main priorities in the job.

“I’m going to get Britain working again,” she said, pledging an economic plan to cut taxes that prioritizes “business-led growth”. Truss promised tax cuts throughout her election campaign to become the leader of the Conservative Party, despite her rival and former chancellor Rishi Sunak warning that her plans would fuel inflation.

“We’ll put spades on the floor to make sure people don’t face exorbitant energy bills,” she added.

Truss’ second priority is tackling the energy crisis, and he promised to “take action this week to deal with energy bills.” Britons faced massive hikes in their energy bills during 2022, and the opposition Labor Party urged the government to freeze prices until next spring, pushing them with an unexpected tax on gas companies.

And the health service, struggling through an employment crisis that has left many people unable to get appointments and treatments, complements Truss’s agenda. She promised to ensure that “people can get the appointments with the doctors and the NHS service they need.”

“We will put our health services on a firm footing,” Truss said.

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