Pope Francis: ‘An earthly priest’ is just a ‘pagan clergy’

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Pope Francis told the audience that any priest indulging in the “worldly” is no better than the “pagan”.

The roman The Pope told the audience Thursday’s sermon that “idolatry” has been an ongoing problem among Christians, although it is not always easily recognizable. The Pope claimed that “spiritual worldliness,” “pragmatism,” and “functionalism” all continued to weaken and corrupt both the clergy and the laity.

“One space of hidden idolatry opens up wherever it is found mundane spiritualIt is a “proposition of life, culture, ephemeral culture, manifestations, embellishment,” Pope Francis said, “an earthly priest is nothing more than a pagan clergyman.”

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the pope He explained that “spiritual worldliness” is a form of “victory, victory without the cross.”

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias receives Pope Francis upon his arrival at Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport in Athens, Greece, Saturday, December 4, 2021.
(AP Photo / Thanassis Stavrakis)

Pope Francis said: “Jesus prayed that the Father would defend us against this world culture. This experience of glory without the cross is against the person of the Lord, and against Jesus.”

The Pope also criticized the focus on numbers and data, saying: “Those who cherish this hidden idol can be identified by their love for Statistics, numbers that can depersonalize every discussion and appeal to the majority as the ultimate criterion of distinction; This is not good. This cannot be the only method or standard for the Church of Christ.”

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The last example of idolatry mentioned by the Pope involves “to be more enthusiastic about the roadmap than about the road.”

Pope Francis asserted that an overly functional worldview leads clergy and believers to seek competence and function rather than hope.

He said, “The functional mindset has a short interest in ambiguity; it aims for efficiency. Little by little, this idol is supplanting the presence of the Father in us.”

Pope Francis welcomes and blesses children with the help of the Santa Marta Pediatric Infirmary in the Vatican in the Paul VI Hall.

Pope Francis welcomes and blesses children with the help of the Santa Marta Pediatric Infirmary in the Vatican in the Paul VI Hall.
(Stefano Costantino/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Camps on both sides of the cultural rift were ridiculed by Pope Francis for his audience with a diverse array of politicians.

I have met the Supreme Pontiff President Joe Biden And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on separate occasions in the last year. Both Biden and Pelosi flaunt their Catholic faith despite explicit support for a range of anti-Catholic policies.

The two politicians claimed that the Pope was friendly and supportive without mentioning disagreements on such issues.

The Pope has spoken out against him over and over again sex theory And sexual transformation, calling it the sin and corruption of youth.


“Young people need help accepting their body as it was created,” the Pope said early on, “for thinking that we have absolute power over our bodies turns, often subtly, into thinking that we have absolute power over creation.” 2015.

He also compared performing an abortion to employing a “professional killer” and said the practice was a form of murder.

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“Abortion is more than a problem,” the Pope said in September. “Abortion is murder.” “He who aborts, kills.”

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