LAMBROOKE SCHOOL: Royal children George, Charlotte and Louis arrive on their first day

According to a statement from Kensington Palace, they were accompanied by their parents to “settlement in the afternoon” at Lambroke School, a prestigious fee-based school near Windsor.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge I stayed in Windsor Kensington Palace said in a statement that her children started their first full day at their new school on Thursday.

Buckingham Palace said on Thursday that the 96-year-old had been advised to remain under medical supervision due to doctors’ concerns.

On Wednesday, Prince William and Catherine entered the school with their children, before they were greeted by the principal, Jonathan Perry.

“Welcome to Lambrooke,” Perry was quoted by Palestinian Media Agency as telling the children. “It is so nice to have you with us. We are very excited for the upcoming year.”

He shook hands with each of them and asked: Are you excited?

They answered “yes,” according to the Palestinian Authority.

We’re looking forward to it,” William said, adding that the kids had “a lot of questions.”

Perry (left) said that "  very excited "  To welcome the children of Cambridge to Lambroke School.

George and Charlotte used to attend Thomas Battersea, a paid school in south London.

William and Kate are moving their family out of London to give the kids

Kensington Palace announced in August the decision to move the children’s school.

At the time, a royal source told CNN that Cambridge was get out of london during term time to give their children a “normal” family life.

They live in Adelaide Cottage, a four-bedroom house in the grounds of Windsor Castle, Berkshire, about 25 miles from London.

The royal source told CNN that the move would allow William and Catherine to be “active parents at a busy school”.

“They want to be as normal a family as possible,” the source added.

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