Danny Bonaduce undergoes brain surgery after a serious health scare


Danny Bonaduce

I’m having brain surgery…

After a serious health scare

Danny Bonaduce Going Under the Knife… He’s set for brain surgery in the aftermath of a serious health scare that has left him unable to walk or balance.

The actor and radio host told TMZ… After seeing hundreds of doctors for a mysterious illness, in March he was finally diagnosed with hydrocephalus… a neurological disorder caused by a buildup of fluid in the brain.

Surgery is scheduled for Monday, and the hope is that it will ease symptoms.

This past April, the “The Partridge Family” star began battling celiac disease after his wife noticed his speech had stopped and he had lost his ability to walk or balance. He was hospitalized for 5 days and underwent a series of tests. Doctors ruled out a stroke, but could not come to a diagnosis.

While Danny says no one knows for sure how he got in such bad shape, he wonders if it has to do with all the wear and tear he’s put his head to over the years… like taking guitars in the face and boxing Jose Canseco.

Danny says the surgery will drain the fluid from his brain through a shunt.

Meanwhile, Danny has been doing his radio show from home.

Of course, Danny acknowledges that there’s always a chance that surgery won’t fix everything… but it seems like he goes into the operating room with the right frame of mind.

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