Lakers rumors: Irving, trade targets, Westbrook

It remains to be seen whether the file Lakers He will be able to do business with Networks for Keri Irvingbut ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski believes Los Angeles has at least one major roster up its sleeve this season, he stated Monday during the network’s latest episode of Get Up (video link).

“I think the Lakers will make a deal. Maybe more than one deal” Voinarovsky said. “It might not be for Kyrie Irving, it might not be for the All-NBA, the All-Star. But the players love Eric Gordon in houston, Friends Hield In Indiana, players love Patrick Beverly, who came to jazz in the trade from Minnesota, who plays the part wins the teams. What is the price for this type of movement? I think they will continue to be active in all of these things.”

As Wojnarowski explains, the Lakers aren’t eager to give up all of their most valuable business assets for modest short-term promotions, but they still feel the need to add more talent to the roster to cash in. LeBron Jamesremaining primary years.

“When LeBron puts pressure on the front office, on the organization, the teams demand a lot to make a deal with the Lakers,” Voinarovsky said. Rob PelinkaHe’s trying to stay away from trading unprotected first round picks for 2027 and 2029 that LeBron James clearly doesn’t value very much because he may not be around. He wants to win now. That’s the balance between being in the front office versus having to serve the fact that LeBron James is still playing at an incredibly high level in an era when we haven’t seen a player play at that level.”

Here’s more about The Lakers:

  • The potential trade that would send Irving to the Lakers “isn’t quite dead,” according to Voinarovsky, but such a deal still largely depends on what Networks do with Kevin Durant. “The Nets are more focused on trying to find a deal for KD before they move on to Kyrie Irving”, Woj said. “I think there is a good chance that Kyrie Irving will return to Brooklyn to start the season if Kevin Durant returns to Brooklyn.”
  • Russell Westbrook‘s general split With his longtime agent, he does not bode well for the former MVP’s relationship with the Lakers, according to Yuvan Buha from The Athletic, who said the dynamic between Westbrook and the team was getting “more difficult with each passing week”. Poha League sources say that Westbrook and an agent are getting divorced Thad Faucher Many people around the Lakers were caught by surprise.
  • coupon statementPoha, who hinted that Westbrook is seeking another change of scenery, could further damage the Lakers’ influence in the business talks, wrote Boha. Multiple league sources have told The Athletic that potential business partners are already asking Los Angeles to pick for at least the first round 2027 or 2029 in order to take on the expensive Westbrook contract.
  • Mark Stein says in his recent Substack article: that nicks And the Jazz Some people around the league view them as potential relegation points for Westbrook if both teams complete a Donovan Mitchell trade. Stein explains that the Knicks may be more inclined to trade away Julius Randle And his long-term deal for a big deal expired like Westbrook’s in that scenario, although it struck me as a long way that New York and Los Angeles would be able to find a mutually beneficial trade-off involving these two players.
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