Fall Guys Apologize After Auto-Purchasing Dick-Cocked Pack

A character from Fall Guys stands frightened as a large rod-shaped shadow looms overhead.

The past week has seen a lot of reports victimPlayers complain about unintended purchases. Today, in response to these issues, fall guys Developer Mediatonic has sent each active player an in-game outfit that looks like a phallic. It also offers refunds to affected players while it works to fix its shop.

as such reported by VGC last fridaymany players fall guys The subreddit was sharing stories of accidentally buying things with the game’s premium currency when opening the shop to preview an item. To make matters worse, the reaction a player got from customer support about this “auto-purchase” error was not well received, with the support clerk claiming that the bug was not an error and that occasional purchases are still accounted for and cannot be recovered. This happened as you would expect. Which led to an apology on Twitter from Mediatonic On July 15th he promised to refund purchases and send everyone a new, longer look (!) victim leather.

Now, this skin here. I checked my inventory and now I’m the proud owner of the new legendary outfit called”Grandis. “This is not the first time fall guys He introduced this rod-like outfit for your beans in-game, but this version of the outfit changes color depending on your beans’ chosen color theme, which is pretty cool.

For some reason, people ran fall guysThe official Twitter account decided to announce the appearance of the new outfit via a tweet with a very dangerous aura.

The responses to the tweet were very much what you expect, with many people pointing out that the shadowy figure looks a lot like a dick. Some used Twitter’s sensitive content filter to post joke replies about how big it is. Y’know, dick jokes. Doesn’t matter how early in the week it is, a good dick joke is funny.

More importantly than this new costume is that Mediatonic is going to be honoring all refund requests on cosmetic items bought after June 21, and moving forward until the in-game store is fixed and updated.

fall guys It has been very popular lately After the game jumped into free play. Mediatonic reported that just two weeks after the change, 50 million people had played the game. That’s some great penis energy out there.

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