Khloe Kardashian ‘next to ex Tristan Thompson’ at his mom’s funeral in Toronto as ‘friends fear she’s bringing him back’

KHLOE Kardashian has stayed by his ex Tristan Thompson’s side as she helps him get over the death of his mother.

The NBA star’s mother, Andrea, He passed away suddenly Last week of a heart attack.


Khloe Kardashian, her sister Kim and mom Kris Jenner will attend the funeral of Tristan Thompson’s ex-mothercredit: khloekardashian/Instagram
Tristan paid for an intimate favor in Canada to celebrate his mother's life


Tristan paid for an intimate favor in Canada to celebrate his mother’s lifeCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

since then, renalThe 38-year-old supported her infant father, who was in Toronto, Canada, in making arrangements for his mother’s burial.

Wednesday, TMZ She mentioned that Chloe is her sister Kim42, and mother, Kris Jenner67, will be by Tristanside at the funeral.

Sources told the newspaper that the basketball star paid for the intimate service, which will celebrate his mother’s life.

Insider also said that Kardashian/ The Jenner clan has been adamant about supporting Tristan, 31, during this difficult time.

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Chloe Kardashian

On Monday, Kim and Khloe had a photoshoot I landed in Toronto On a $150 million Skim mogul private jet.

Kim previously lent Chloe a ride when she and Tristan made an urgent visit to the hospital to see his mom.

Tristan traveled home as soon as possible with the good American founder, who was reportedly very close to her children’s grandmother.

After the hasty flight, Chloe spent three days in the Canadian city with her ex-husband.

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She then moved back to Los Angeles before getting back together with her sister, though it’s unknown how long Kim stayed with the pair.

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Tragic loss

TMZ Friday reported that Tristan’s mother Andrea had a heart attack at home Thursday and was taken to the hospital to be resuscitated.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work, the US Sun confirmed on Friday afternoon.

Andrea, who worked as a school bus driver, was a grandmother to Chloe and Tristan’s children – True, four, and a five-month-old son, whose name is unknown.

“Kloe, as with any family member in these situations, will be supportive of Tristan and by his side during this very difficult time because he is the father of her two children,” a source told the US Sun.

The Chicago Bulls alum also has two other sons: six-year-old Prince, whom he shares with ex Jordan Craig, and one-year-old Theo, whom he shares with. Marali Nichols.

Fears for Khloe

Although Khloe was a shoulder to cry on for the athlete, Fans fear she will bring him back.

Tristan and Khloe have drifted apart since having an affair with Marali, 31, last year, which led to the birth of their son.

The former couple were supposedly dating exclusively when the scandal occurred, which is one of the many times Tristan has been caught cheating.

“Everyone thinks they’re back together – but if you ask her, she says they’re just co-parents and nothing more,” one of Khloe’s friends told The US Sun.

“They’re always together, and pretty much alone — you try to put down the fact that they have two kids together, and so they’re best friends, but it’s clear now that it’s more than that.

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Otherwise, she wouldn’t be by his side on this journey, acting like his “other half.”

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Adds the friend, “I don’t think she’ll admit it yet – it just makes her look weak and takes her back after he’s humiliated her so badly before.”

Tristan's mother passed away suddenly last week after suffering a heart attack


Tristan’s mother passed away suddenly last week after suffering a heart attackCredit: Instagram/Tristan Thompson
Khloe was very close to Tristan's mother, who was a grandmother to her two children


Khloe was very close to Tristan’s mother, who was a grandmother to her two childrenCredit: Instagram/realtristan13
Fans feared that Khloe's closeness to Tristan since the tragedy would lure them back together


Fans feared that Khloe’s closeness to Tristan since the tragedy would lure them back togetherCredit: Instagram

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