IF Friends grossed $59 million at the global box office; Planet of the Apes rises to $238 million

Updated to the latest…: After John Krasinski’s early overseas release begins if Last weekend, Paramount expanded the Imaginary Friends film to 56 more international markets this cycle. The outer frame was worthy 20 million dollarsbringing the international race to 24 million dollars. With a $35 million domestic debut, the worldwide total is now up 59 million dollars.

Despite some unfriendly critical results, if It is hearing positive word of mouth that will help with the possibility of playing.

The Krasinski-directed/written/produced film saw an impressive rise Saturday versus Friday in the majority of the overseas majors. It opened at No. 1 on United kingdom With $3.2 million including previews. There are overlapping school holidays. Mexico Started No. 2 with $2.8 million; Australia Grossed $2 million in first launch; Germany Earned $905,000 in fourth place with Monday being a national and school holiday; Spain No. 2 was starting at $850,000.

Other notable openings include Italy ($815,000/No. 1), Brazil ($735,000/No. 2), Korea ($480,000/No. 6), UAE ($300,000/No. 3), and Poland ($265,000). $/No. 6) 1).

France It tops the market so far at $5.2 million after two frames. Greece and Norway will be released next week and the Japan release is scheduled for June 14.

With the powerful outside, 20th Century Studios/Disney Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes He added $40.6 million From 52 physical markets for international box office in the second cycle. Commie Navy now $136.3 million to $237.5 million worldwide.

Given the Friday/Saturday/Sunday window, international booking is only 35% off last weekend’s opening (excluding China). On a similar basis, Korean People’s Army It showed much better staying power than Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (-41%), The rise of Planet of the Apes (-43%) and War for the Planet of the Apes (-51%).

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Notably difficult markets were Brazil (-21%), UK (-23%), Germany (-26%), Australia (-32%), Italy (-33%), Korea (-33%) and Spain. (-36). %). This Wes Ball-directed sequel is already the highest-grossing film in the series in Bulgaria, Turkey and Colombia. This tire remained the number one non-domestic title in all major European and Asian markets. It’s No. 1 overall in Latin America.

Here are the top 5 so far: China ($20.4 million), France ($13.8 million), Mexico ($12 million), United kingdom ($10 million) and Korea ($5.8 million).

In IMAX, the total is $21.8 million worldwide.

Columbia Pictures/Alcon Entertainment Garfield movie He continues to purr outside with someone else $10.3 million From just 27 markets in the third frame and before its domestic release next weekend. The retention rate abroad was only -28% 49 million dollars. There are still 40% of overseas projects awaiting us, including Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Poland, France and Japan.

worldwide Scapegoat It rolled into another $7.2 million From 81 markets including $900k in China First time. Comey is out now $64.6 millionin line with the lost City At the same point in the release. Globally, the film starring Ryan Gosling/Emily Blunt was a huge box office hit $127.6 million To go on a date.

The top 5 markets are: United kingdom ($10.3 million), Australia ($7.6 million), Germany ($4.3 million), France ($4.2 million) and Mexico ($4 million).

Tarot (SNY): $5 million international weekend (52 markets); $14.5 million international / $30 million worldwide
United (WB): $2.6 million international weekend (61 markets); $35.2 million international / $78.7 million worldwide
Kung Fu Panda 4 (UNI): $1.7 million international weekend (82 markets); $340.8 million international / $533.4 million worldwide
Abigail (UNI): $1.3 million international weekend (77 markets); $14.2 million international / $39.8 million worldwide
Bob Marley: One Love (PAR): US$750,000 international weekend (Japan only/end market); $81.6 million international / $178.5 million worldwide
Back to black (UNI): $387,000 international weekend (41 global markets); $6.1 million internationally/$9 million worldwide

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