Khairy trains with Irving Nets and notes the absence: ‘I know the consequences. I’m not ready for them ‘

For the first time since his virtual appearance at Media Day three months ago, Kyrie Irving Spoke to reporters on Wednesday. After training with Brooklyn nets, Irving – not yet vaccinated against Govt-19, thus disqualified from playing in home games (or road games) New York Knicks And Toronto Raptors) – Thank you for coming back again and again.

On Tuesday Irving approved the health and safety protocol. Shortly after Irving’s media coverage, New York City Councilor Mark Levine became chairman of the council’s health committee. Has tweeted that As many as 39,591 new cases were reported in the city on Wednesday and 770 were admitted to new hospitals.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s relatively hard to see everything that is happening in the world from the sidelines,” Irving said. “I know everyone feels it, so I pray that everyone is healthy at this time. But if I get the chance to get on the court and play with some of my teammates, I’m grateful for that opportunity, even if it’s on the way to playing abroad.”

Earlier this month, The inverted path of the webs In their decision not to allow Irving to be a full participant in the 2020-21 season. Brooklyn recently sidelined 10 players due to health and safety protocols, and three of its games have been postponed. In this context, the organization decided that part-time All-Star could be used.

“I understood their (initial) decision and I respected it,” Irving said. “I really had to sit down and think. I have to try not to be emotional about what they decide to do. I just have to sit down and evaluate things and look at their perspective, that is, the organization and my team.”

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Irving said the team Kevin Durand And James Horton He was “always supportive” and stayed a part of it by playing pickup games in middle school gyms and college gyms. He said he tried to “stay with the team” throughout the season.

“I know the consequences,” Irving said. “I’m not ready for them in any imagination.”

According to Irving, when the Nets told him to get back, he did not hesitate: “I said, ‘Of course’. It will always be where I want it to be. I want to play with a team that can do it in any capacity.”

Brooklyn coach Steve Nash Told reporters Irving “is beautiful, assuming he does not come out of ethics and play basketball.” Irving said he missed the professional environment and said, “It was like riding a bike or being back on your first day of school.” However, there will be a ramp-up period before he makes his season debut.

Now that his first regular-season training is over, Irving said it was “time to turn the page” and focus on winning the championship.

“I don’t want to say too much about myself or what was going on when I was away,” he said. “I’m only focused on putting the best legs forward for the team and being available.”

However, full availability will continue to be impossible unless Irving is vaccinated or the city relaxes its rules. Once he is playing, the nets will have to wait on the road until he returns. They are coming up next Wednesday, Jan. 5th Indiana crack bowlers, And then return home until they get home Chicago Bulls January 12th. Their next multi-sport trip is Jan. 17 to Jan. 23, and they will travel to Cleveland, Washington, San Antonio and Minnesota.

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When managing different lists at home and on the road, the team “relied heavily on our training staff,” Irving said. He said the Nets had “very high IQs” and that “my job was to make the game as easy as filling in the point card, the shooting guard, 15 minutes, 20 minutes off the bench.” He said the team would “need a little patience” to adapt to the “new situation”.

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