Avoid shipping regardless of vaccination status, ”the CDC said

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday advised all passengers – both vaccinated and unvaccinated – to avoid shipping. Amid a record Govt uprising driven by the Omigron variant in several states across the United States

“Even fully vaccinated passengers may be at risk of contracting and transmitting COVID-19,” the CDC said in a lunch bulletin.

The CDC said the corona virus “spreads easily among those in close proximity to ships, and that ships are more likely to get COVID-19.”

The Travel Health Notice has been upgraded from Level 3 to Level 4, “reflecting the increase in cases since the cruise ships were identified. Omigron variant. “

The CDC also said the cruise ships were “yellow.” A color-coded CDC chart, At that time it explores what exploded on a ship.

“Especially travelers who are in one place are very important High risk of serious diseases From COVID-19, regardless of vaccine status, avoid cruise ships around the world, including river vessels, ”it added.

The CDC said that if you choose to cruise, be sure to get a vaccine booster shot and wear a mask at shared locations on the ship if you qualify. They said “those who are not fully vaccinated” should be isolated for five days after the voyage.

The aviation sector has already suffered a setback due to the Omigron variant. JetBlue said Wednesday As Govt rates rise in the New York City area, flights will be canceled “in advance” until Jan. 13 to deal with the expected staff shortage.

Govt explosion in global shipping industry In early 2020, Only Will recover After receiving the vaccines.

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More than 800 tested positive and 10 died Diamond Princess and Grand Princess on isolated cruise ships in early 2020.

After the return of ships and tourists to sea in late 2021, Many new policies Introduced to prevent the spread of govt on board: compulsory vaccinations, negative covid tests and daily PCR tests for all passengers.

In a statement issued on behalf of the major Cruise Lines, the Cruise Lines International Association, a trade group, said the new CDC guideline was “disappointing” and “confusing”. It said it did not agree with the “decision to isolate the shipping industry”.

“No organization can be immune from this virus – however, shipping offers one of the highest levels of proven mitigation against the virus,” the report said.

The panel added that many shipping companies are adding new measures in response to the growing Omigran variation, and that more than 100 ships have “returned more than one million people from U.S. ports to US waters since late June 2021”.

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