Kelly Clarkson meets the original American Idol judges to welcome her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Kelly Clarkson welcomes her star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday morning, twenty years after he won his first “American Idol” series at the end of its first season in 2002.

After the ceremony, Clarkson spoke with Fox News Digital about how she feels about reaching this Hollywood milestone two decades after her historic win.

Clarkson was able to share the moment with her two childrenwho watched their mother’s big moment from the audience, as well as those who gave her a big break, were the original “American Idol” judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

“I mean, it’s hard to put the words right? I’m sitting here with my son, he’s six, and we’re standing on a star with my name on it. It’s crazy,” Clarkson said. “I was 19 when I started on ‘Idol’, and to finish here after 20 years is magical. To be able to, first of all, call all these people friends and still have a presence in my life, I think that’s It’s what matters. After 20 years, it’s the people you surround yourself with.”

Kelly Clarkson thanks Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, 20 years after they met on “American Idol.”
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Kelly Clarkson, Nick Cannon, Courteney Cox, and 32 others at the 2021 Hollywood Festival of Fame

While honoring Clarkson during the ceremony, Abdul spoke on stage about the positive change Clarkson has made in the world since winning the show, and how she opened the door for others to pursue their dreams and realize that it is indeed possible for them to come true.

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“You’ve changed the course of your life, but you helped change the course of everyone’s life. Your talent, your perseverance, your grace, and your dignity made season one so worth it, for me you had to sit next to a British guy,” Abdul said. “I love you. Thank you for changing the course of my life and for making me believe like a child who believes in Santa Claus that talented young people can make it happen, and they can make it so big.”

slave She also took the time to congratulate Clarkson for “everything (she wasn’t) about to do, but she (she) will do in the next 10 years”, saying she “already can see that happen”, and calling Clarkson “living proof” that the show is not peoples life.

Paula Abdul Clarkson honored her big day, saying it changed the course of many people's lives and cemented her belief that young artists can make it big.

Paula Abdul Clarkson honored her big day, saying it changed the course of many people’s lives and cemented her belief that young artists can make it big.
(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Looking back at Fist season, Cowell talked about how the first few days of filming made him question his decision to join the show because everything was going wrong, but his view changed when Clarkson walked into the audition room.

“I actually thought I was getting ‘Punked’ the first day. Paula quit, and every singer was inconsistent, and I thought this was a joke, and things gradually got worse. I thought, ‘This is an absolute disaster,'” he said. “I remember the day we met you, and I don’t remember just your voice, but your personality. I have to be honest with you, I didn’t realize at that point, honestly, how talented you were. I just admired you, and I was so grateful.”

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Speaking about her relationship with Cowell, Former “The Voice” judge She admitted that his honesty is what she admires most about him.

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“I think the best thing Simon Nobody is to be honest. I appreciate that, and I certainly don’t surround myself with people yes,” she said. It’s refreshing to have someone out there who is so honest with their opinions about a situation, and I think that’s the best gift you can give anyone, is honesty. “

Coyle also reflected on the memory of Clarkson’s victory, the significance of the moment, and the location of her star.


Simon Cowell touched on the importance of the Clarkson star's location, given its proximity to where she won "American Idol" 20 years ago.

Simon Cowell touched on the importance of the Clarkson star’s location, given its proximity to where she won “American Idol” 20 years ago.
(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Well, her song had the word ‘a moment like this,’ he said, and she won a few feet from where we’re standing now at the Dolby Theater, so we’ve come full circle. Twenty years later, I’ve got the star.

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