Justin Fields traded 'probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do'

The Bears traded Fields to Pittsburgh for a conditional sixth-round pick, a far cry from what most expected Chicago to compensate in trading its former first-round pick. However, with a few clear landing spots open, the Bears didn't have much of a choice unless they were willing to hold on to Fields in the draft and perhaps beyond.

The Poles noted that “Lots to unpack“With the reason why Fields is no longer working in Chicago, noting the constant change the quarterback has had to deal with in his three seasons.

“He had a choppy start his first year,” he said. “And when I came in, we had to do some cleanup, which delayed another year of adding talent and support. And then as far as the game goes, I feel like he's been making strides and getting better. … It's really the schedule and how you have a lot of runway.” Because to lift a man off the ground, you need to back him up with as much talent as possible. Then that flips because it takes up too much space from the cap. “

The trade opens the door for Chicago to draft the QB No. 1 overall, presumably USC's Caleb Williams. The Poles told reporters that Williams will visit Halas Hall during the first week of April.

Poles noted that his first impression of Williams was how much his teammates fought for QB.

He said crossly Adam Hogue of the CHGO Bears“They love him.”

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