Microsoft is improving Chrome text display on Windows

Microsoft has committed to making changes to Chromium that will improve text display on Windows devices. After years of complaints, Chrome version 124 will finally support the contrast and gamma values ​​from the Windows ClearType Text Tuner for displaying text in Google's browser.

This change should mean that Chrome will finally match the improvements Microsoft brought to the edge Displays font and text, so you can apply text contrast enhancements and gamma correction to improve the readability of text on web pages. Chrome uses Skia to display text with built-in contrast and gamma values, so it didn't pick up on the improvements that ClearType offers.

Kurt Katie Schmidt, a senior software development engineer at Microsoft, led the effort here. Katie Schmidt has He was on a mission To improve text display on Chromium-based browsers in recent months, we regularly focus on accessibility improvements for both Edge and Chrome.

These latest changes are part of Microsoft's commitment to improving Chromium-based browsers on Windows after the company moved to Chromium in its Edge browser more than five years ago. At the time, Microsoft said it would “bring our Windows expertise to improve the experience of all Chromium-based browsers on Windows,” and that promise has been fulfilled. Microsoft helped improve Chrome's scrolling, touch support, and more.

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