Joe Giudice is spending the holiday with his two daughters, his ex-wife Teresa Giudice and her husband, Luis Ruelas

By Alicia Stanford for Dailymail.Com

23:03 29 December 2023, updated 00:09 30 December 2023

Joe Giudice reunited with his daughters over the holiday break.

The former reality star, 51, who rose to fame alongside his ex-wife, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, 51, welcomed his ex-wife to the Bahamas for a long-awaited family reunion.

There he met daughters Gia, 22, Gabriella, 19, Milania, 17, and Audriana, 14.

The Giudice sisters were dressed in holiday attire in front of a Christmas tree with their father, who was wearing a Burberry plaid shirt and black pants.

Teresa joined the group in a black and white evening dress for another photo shoot so the girls could enjoy a photo op with their parents.

Joe Giudice, 51, enjoyed a vacation in the Bahamas with his four daughters (from left), Gabriella, Gia, Milania and Audriana. Joe now calls the island nation his home since his deportation from the US in 2019

Both were posted to Joe's Instagram account on Thursday.

Joe was deported from the US in 2019 after serving three years in prison for fraud, and is banned from re-entering the country.

He and Teresa finalized their divorce in 2020.

Joe now calls the Bahamas home.

In an appearance on Teresa Namaste b$tches Joe explained that he chose the island country because its proximity to the United States would make it easy for his daughters to visit.

He also works in construction. “This is what I grew up doing, like construction and rentals, and this is what I did in the United States. It's an easy job,” he said. I do not complain. I get a salary, and we partner on other things I bring in, like plaster.

One of the photos shared to Joe's Instagram Stories includes a shot of Teresa and her ex-husband surrounded by their daughters.

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Another shows a larger family gathering that includes Teresa's husband Luis “Louie” Ruelas in the center.

Teresa Giudice, 51, joined her ex-husband for a family photo while wearing a black and white evening dress
Another photo shows a larger family gathering including Teresa's husband, Luis “Louie” Rollas, 48, in the center.

Both men have formed a bond since Louis and Teresa tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in August 2022.

According to the RHONJ star's appearance on Whine Down, Louie was the one who made the first move.

Joe and Louie established a good relationship
A video titled “Family” that Melania shared on her Instagram Stories shows the group, which included Louis' sons Nicholas and Louis Jr., enjoying a big, loud family dinner.

“He was saying, 'Honey, don't you understand?'” she said. “I want to be good to Joe because that will make the girls feel comfortable.”

A video titled “Family” that Melania shared on her Instagram Stories shows the group including Louis' sons Nicholas and Louis Jr. enjoying a big, loud family dinner.

Lowe gets high marks from the 17-year-old who was a guest on her mom's podcast earlier this year.

'Louie is a great stepdad. “It really is,” she said. “Like, he's a great guy.”

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