Huge Grand Theft Auto 6 leak shows a woman driving, driving, shooting

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user on GTAForumswho claims to have also been behind Uber’s latest hackHe just dropped nearly 100 videos online claiming to show Rockstar development footage Grand Theft Auto VI, which is currently circulating across almost every social media platform.

Matching a lot of what or what Bloomberg mentioned earlier this year-Including that the game will participate in and enter a women’s tournament Underworld—The videos are largely under development clips, With incomplete tissues and patterns everywhere, and the code runs in real time across many of them. The leaker is currently receiving requests asking people what they would like to see in more videos.

in one, A playable white male character faces a racist non-playable character by the poolAnd, when the conversation appears, you can see the icon required for the interaction plays along with the in-game action. In another character, a woman’s character – I just define it as such because it’s going to be a series first –Explores a notorious strip club.

The woman who appears to be the new hero of GTA 6, appears in the unprecedented leaks from Rockstar Games.

This appears to be the new female protagonist of GTA 6, which is technically a series premiere, which is all the more reason why a leak of this caliber for one of the most anticipated games of all time is unprecedented for Rockstar Games.
screenshot: teapotuberhacker / rockstar

There is also a video showingPassenger shooting mechanics‘, it is clear from the player who took the AK-47 to some police car chasing after them, and post displays Car interior modeling.

One of the most complete videos Lifted showing both people sharing a dinner heist, holding customers at gunpoint before the police arrive. Others are in a more gritty form, featuring more than just a faceless placeholder moving around an empty landscape that is combat animation like hiding.

The legality of these videos is clearly in question. There’s sure to be a lot of footage, and faking both the action and the code running at the same time would be a lot of work for an online joke. But it’s still a leak, and unless Rockstar comments (we’ve reached out and will update if we hear back), we won’t. I know It’s real so we can match what appears here with what appears at the end GTA VI.

if it he is Real, then shit. Given the state of the game and the amount of shots, it will be one of the biggest games of all time, right there with half life 2. So far, it looks legit: It’s not just about ex-reportersKotaku giant Jason Schreyer says that Rockstar Communications They confirmed the information to them, Rockstar employees He seems to like the tweets related to the apparent hack. But the wildest part?

The hacker is trying to strike a deal with Rockstar at the moment, although we don’t know what kind. To stop distributing more articles? To ensure that the leaker is not prosecuted? Whatever the case, this is definitely one of the most unprecedented leaks in video game history.

earlier this year, Bloomberg I also mentioned that the next day GT will try to be “more culturally sensitive”, A slight tonality shift is already evident in the reissue GTA V. Saw the last game Rockstar is removing some transphobic content which has already been criticized by some fans.

As things move quickly on the hacking front, and rumors circulate about potential scams involving the sale of source code, fans are busy trying to figure out what’s visible in the footage that actually exists. Already, there are theories as to who plays the new lead.

Update 1:55 PM: Details regarding Rockstar’s shout-out have been added, along with new developments in the story.

Update 7:10 pm: More details have been added about GTA 6.

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