The Google Assistant shortcut disappears from the Pixel Launcher

What you need to know

  • The microphone icon in the search bar on the Pixel Launcher home screen has now been reset.
  • The change was announced earlier this month alongside the removal of 17 Google Assistant features.
  • The microphone button was previously a shortcut to Google Assistant. Now, he will answer the questions using Google search results.

It's never fun to see a product or app loses The function is rather earned, but that's what happens with Google Assistant. Earlier this month, Google announced that it would remove 17 “underutilized” features from Assistant. The move came amid a wave of layoffs, which have since been confirmed to continue.

The feature purge has now begun, and Pixel Launcher users will notice that the microphone icon in the search bar no longer launches Assistant (via 9to5Google). Shifting the purpose of this icon from serving as a Google Assistant shortcut to a Google search widget is now being “rolled out” for lack of a better phrase.

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