Hacker, Ke’Bryan Hayes agrees to eight-year, $70 million extension

The pirates took a huge step towards locking up their young heart this afternoon, with the ink of the third baseman Kibrian Hayes For eight years, $70 million, Reports Robert Murray from Fanside. The deal, which represents the largest ever guarantee to a player with one to two years of service time and the largest deal ever delivered by Pirates, will keep Hayes in Pittsburgh until at least 2029. It also includes the club’s option for the 2030 season, the terms of which are not yet clear. Hayes represents the Ballengee Group.

The deal buys three years of free agency for the third baseman, which would have reached the conclusion of the 2026 season except for an unexpected cut. Hayes, who enters his 25-year-old season in 2022, will now remain in team control during a 32-year-old season (or 33, if the Buccaneers exercise his option). While he could still have a solid payday at that point if he remains productive, the day extension will likely cover the vast majority of his prime years — meaning his $70 million guarantee will likely make up the majority of his career earnings.

Since being promoted to the major leagues midway through the shortened 2020 season for the pandemic, Hayes has been one of the few bright spots for the moribund Pirates series, topping the world .376/.442/.682 via 95 board appearances across 24 September games. His numbers were back on the ground in 2021, probably as a result of a wrist injury early in the season that kept him sidelined for about a third of the year and drained much of his strength. In his short career, Hayes has scored a .280/.340/.442 triple slash in 491 trips to the board while playing an advanced third-place defense, winning 2021 Field Bible Award For the third rule (outperforming Naseer Matt Chapman And the Nolan Arenado).

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while retaining hais (long-time older son Charlie HayesIn the long run, it’s sure to foster some optimism within the long-suffering Pittsburgh fan base, few expect to compete in the near future. After losing 101 games in 2021, GM Ben Chirington was not reloaded in the off-season, trading with a player Josh van Mitter And the signing of the first major player Daniel FogelbachAnd the defensive player Jake MaresnickAnd the Savior Heath Humbury To free low cost proxy deals while starting catcher trading Jacob Stallings To the Marlins for the right hand Zach Thompson And a pair of junior officers. The club has a series of high-end possibilities on the horizon, including Recently Picked 6’7 shortstop Anil Cruz And the right hand Rancy ContrerasAnd both are likely to see major league matches sooner rather than later. second base player Nick Gonzalez and right Queen Prester It can also see the major currencies in 2022, while the catcher can see Harry Ford You might be a year or two away.

Cherington’s success in locking Hayes for the foreseeable future draws attention to questions surrounding the midfielder’s future Brian Reynolds, other high-end talents on Bucs’ active list. Reynolds, whose struggles in 2020 proved to be a .302/.390/.522 three-piece slam in 2021, is under club control during his 30-year-old season in 2025, She reportedly refused A number of extension proposals before the 2021 season and not to engage with the club between the end of the season and the implementation of the closure. It has been the subject of endless trade rumors – it has been directly linked to Padres And the Marlins This is out of season – but the asking price for Pittsburgh is (understandably) too high. Even if they keep going year to year with Reynolds (currently Super Two, he’ll earn either $4.25 million or $4.9 million in 2022, depending on the outcome of the season’s judging session), Bock can expect. The All-Star player plays alongside their up-and-coming talents for at least a few years before entering the open market.

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Indeed, while the Hayes extension gives Pirates the kind of cost certainty that smaller market clubs crave (plus the potential for value overload), it is unlikely to alter the competition’s schedule. Even while competing at NL Central, where the Cubs seem to be engaged in a small rebuilding and neither the Brewers nor the Cardinals seem interested in pushing all their chips at the moment, Pittsburgh is unlikely to host a baseball game in October. A few years now.

However, the unpredictability of potential client performance cuts in both directions, and hackers may have some sort of distinct potential depth to take a big step forward as soon as 2023 — particularly if Cherington gets the green light from ownership to add some disclosure. payroll. at present, RosterResource Projects The club will carry an opening day payroll of just $45 million (the lowest in Major League Baseball), and with virtually nothing besides the Hayes extension that has been committed beyond 2022. For a fan base that hasn’t seen a meaningful game since NL Wild’s 2015 loss to card game (and still Haunted 1992 NLCS), knowing that the Bucs will hold on to their third superstar for the most part of his head period is probably the best news they’ve heard in a while.

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