Grand Rapids Brewing Company is closing permanently after 11 years

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Grand Rapids Brewing Company has announced it will be closing its doors permanently after 11 years.

The parent company, BarFly, says the fire on February 23 damaged the kitchen and HVAC system, prompting a temporary closure that they have now decided will be permanent. The brewery has been closed for more than a month.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company will close permanently after 11 years

“Downtown Grand Rapids has been our cherished home, where every pint represents craftsmanship, community and resiliency,” said Ned Lidvall, CEO of Project BarFly, parent company of Grand Rapids Brewing Company. “Let’s raise a final toast to the memories and friendships made. To our team and the city of Grand Rapids, thank you for being a part of our journey,” he said.

BarFly also expressed thanks to its team, members of the Grand Rapids Brewing Company Cup Club and community members who have spent time at the brewery over the past 11 years, as well as the Grand Rapids Fire Department and first responders for their quick response on the day of the incident. fire.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company says the lease for their space will be available in May, and they can't wait to see the continued growth of Beer City USA and the Heartside neighborhood.

“It's a prime space in downtown Grand Rapids and it's going to be good for someone. I mean, it's probably two spaces because it's actually a pretty big space, but we'll have something good there — I promise.” Richard App, who specializes in retaining and attracting small businesses in Grand Rapids, told FOX 17 on Friday. “It has to be something that, you know, has entertainment value that can be kid-friendly. We need that. We need more of that downtown, and I'm excited to see what Bell fills that void.”

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BarFly also owns HopCat Lounge and Stella's Lounge.

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