Gaza devastation as Israel launches war on Hamas: Live updates

5:15 PM ET, March 29, 2024

Shocking video of Israel admitting to killing 2 Palestinians and burying them with bulldozers goes viral

From CNN's Tim Lister, Allegra Goodwin, Gianluca Mezzofiore, Abeer Salman, Alex Stambaugh and Paul P. Murphy

A screengrab of the video obtained by Al Jazeera shows him walking along a beach in Gaza before being killed by IDF forces.

Retrieved by Al Jazeera

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) admitted to killing two Palestinians and burying their bodies with a bulldozer after Al Jazeera. Posted a video It is said to show the incident on Wednesday.

The IDF said in a statement to CNN that those who approached its “operational area” in central Gaza in a “suspicious manner” did not respond to the warning strike. Fearing they were carrying explosives, the Israelis killed them and bulldozed their bodies.

What the video shows: Shot from a distance and heavily edited, the video shows two men walking apart from each other on a beach in Gaza; As the two cautiously approach a group of Israeli soldiers, they appear to be waving white flags to signal surrender. The video shows a man walking towards the soldiers with his hands in the air. He walks out of sight behind some sand and concrete. He doesn't know what will happen next. The second man walks away from the players. As he hurries away from the camera, an Israeli armored vehicle can be seen following him. Suddenly, he fell on the sand, apparently shot.

The video then cuts to another angle, where CNN can't geolocate, where an Israeli military bulldozer can be seen unceremoniously burying two bodies in sand and debris. It is unclear whether the bodies shown in the second half of the film are the two men filmed at the beginning of the scene. Al Jazeera says the bodies are the same men.

Al Jazeera said in its commentary, “The giant bulldozer shovels the two bodies and buries them in sand and debris. Israeli soldiers try to cover up the executions.”

CNN has asked Al Jazeera for an unedited copy of the footage. Al Jazeera reported that the incident took place near Al Rashid Street in central Gaza. CNN geolocated the video and confirmed it showed the incident on the beach. Additional visual evidence – satellite images and videos – show Israeli military engineering vehicles such as bulldozers stationed there.

Israel said: The IDF said the edited video “represents two separate incidents”.

“The first incident took place on the southern side of the corridor. After the suspect did not respond to a warning shot, (the force) fired in his direction, he was shot and slightly wounded,” the IDF said, and he was later released. Get medical treatment and investigate.

The second incident occurred on the northern side of the corridor and the IDF said the two suspects were shot after suspiciously approaching Israeli forces.

“Two suspects with bags on their backs saw our forces and approached them in a suspicious manner. As they did not respond to the warning shot, they were killed as the forces opened fire on them. The bodies were moved out of the area. Documented tool use area.” [there] Bombs on suspects and danger to forces,” the IDF said.

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