Google Photos helps label your memories with an AI title maker

google add New Memories tab to its Photos app to create a place for auto-generated photo collections. The company is adding new AI titling features that can help you name your collections of images as well.

Created by Google, these Google Collections have appeared at the top of the Photos app for years, but will now have a dedicated button at the bottom of the app. Memories’ default titles are often location-based names using the GPS metadata of the photos. The new AI Titles feature helps summarize Instagram Stories-like presentations with more fun and detail.

New generative AI title maker.
GIF: Google

When looking at a memory pool, you can select a new “Help me with an address” button that uses generative AI to form a name based on the contents of the image. And if the initial output isn’t what you’re looking for, you can add a “hint,” which basically prompts the bot to point the address in the direction you’re looking for.

The new Memories offering is rolling out today in the US and will be available worldwide “in the coming months.” Later, Google plans to have video export options for Memories so that they can be easily shared through messaging and social media platforms. Apple’s Photos app already allows created “For You” slideshows and custom slideshows to be output to video for sharing.

Soon, you can share story-like slideshows as video to messaging apps like WhatsApp.
GIF: Google

When done right, it can create photo memories from Google, Apple, Facebook and other family vacations to an amazing concert and make you yearn to make more memories with your loved ones. Other times, it can be randomly choosing pictures that don’t make sense, and it can evoke past moments in your life that don’t make sense You don’t want to live again.

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