Google gives Find My Device a new slogan

This summer, Google will take advantage of more than a billion Android devices to identify tracking tags and headphones. As part of this, Find My Device is getting a new logo.

For the past several years, the Find My Device app icon on Android has been a white pin with a phone in the center against a green background. The map-based nature of the application has conveyed. Google in 2022 modified it to remove shadows and better match other modern logos.

When the Find My Device app was completely revamped with Material You in February, we found it odd that the green icon remained unchanged.

We’ve since spotted the new Find My Device logo. Google continues the mapping/location mapping with the crosshair design in the company’s four colors that also evoke radar and scanning. It’s less literal than the previous version, but Find My Device isn’t just for phones anymore and hasn’t been for some time with the addition of tablets, watches, and headphones.

The obvious visual downside is that the logo will blend into the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčother blue/red/yellow/green icons on your phones. The greenness, which evoked a sense of security and somewhat Android, would have set the app apart better, especially since it’s one you might look for in a panic. Recently, Google has been willing to not bring the four-color design to apps like Play Books. However, Google Authenticator and Arts & Culture clearly went the other way.

This icon should appear when the Find My Device network launches later this summer. Google will allow you to view the location of your trackers, headphones (to be launched later), and your mobile devices. The app will guide you when something is nearby with the ability to play sound.

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Google says that “location data obtained from the network is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that Google cannot see it or use it for any other purposes,” with more details on the privacy protections included ahead of launch.

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