Destiny 2 season of depth is not helping me

Head to Destiny 2’s depth seasonI was appreciative of the season looking like it was going to be less challenging, from not increasing the energy cap to a looser drafting. And hunting! But after a week or so of deep season, I’m already over the honeymoon period, which usually lasts a month and a half, and I have to say, I’m not… I like things this time around.

Why? Well, I’ll go through each piece:

the story – I don’t know what I expected when we returned to Titan to find Sloane, but it wasn’t her communicating telepathically with the large methane ocean worm in one sentences every week. While I’m sure this could lead to some important information eventually, I’m not really invested in the new sentence every week, nor is Saint tenderly trying to get Sloane to open up about the trauma of being stalked by Xivu Arath for a year or so ago. Maybe it will get better, but so far, it seems far from the case.

extraction – This… sounds like one of the worst seasonal activities Destiny has done in quite some time. While it’s always difficult to balance the activities of six people, and make sure everyone has enough to do, enemies are extremely rare here, and objectives are often oddly long, like a more boring version of Menagerie, despite the similar format. It often feels like you’re only ten minutes away in a long line until you get to your boss, which, in fact, it is We are Very good fights, but nothing before that would be remotely compelling.

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Deep dive – I like Deep Dives more than Salvage, but I’m not sure I like them in general. This week we added a new “depth” to “deep dives”. There’s certainly more of a challenge than Salvage, and more exotic enemies for three fewer people to play. But this week’s “deeper” dive took another five minutes to get rewards that were barely better than the original race. There are a few mini-games to increase your level rewards as you play, as well as go deeper, but since you’re playing with silent randomness, hardly anyone knows how/agrees to activate that. Good activity, weird reward system.

veil quest – Look, you wouldn’t convince me that this wasn’t put together in haste to address concerns about The Veil for Lightfall. It was a single mission with existing assets, and now it appears to be a weekly radio entry where you upload and hit a button. Knowledge may eventually be useful, but it’s not a true “important” string in the traditional sense at all.

Slow slices – Knockout season. Look, I get that they wanted to do something unique with water, but I can’t believe they actually removed all of the movement abilities and had you catch Sonic the Hedgehog’s air bubbles. It makes sense from an environment perspective, but it’s just bad gameplay. I would fight a lot underwater like we fight in space with different sounds and physics, with some hand-waving explanation of how Drifter technology allows us to do this and Taken doesn’t need to breathe or something. Slowness also extends to half targets in Salvage and Deep Dives, carrying heavy cores around the map. Yes, you can jump melee to go faster, but that’s silly, and it doesn’t feel good either way.

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fishing – I wanted the hunting to be cool, and the hunting not so great. While it’s tied in with actual loot rewards, constant interruptions by public events and something like a 1% in best odd fish drop rate, this is, by the way, time consuming to get a few rewards. I think it’s good to take a break, but it’s bad to spend 20 minutes in a session with 70 blue-green fish that will give you 800 blinks. I realize it’s hard to balance an “easy” activity with actual rewards, but I don’t have time for that, depending on how much investment it takes to get anything noticeable, and how half-hearted it is to get there.

The best part of the season in terms of gameplay, story, and loot? the dungeon. Except here, we ran into the “dungeon isn’t actually part of the season” issue as Bungie sold these separately, despite tying story and loot directly into whatever season it starts in. Killer (whale) alien, homerun, voicework and environment design. But yeah, completely separate from the season, technically.

Maybe my impressions will improve over time, but at the moment I don’t feel like it. And with Diablo 4 in two days, I’m not sure how much time I’ll be spending in the Deep.

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