Gift the comprehensive list of rewards and achievements in Monopoly GO!

A new solo event has occurred Monopoly Go! for the holidays on December 24, featuring 49 achievements and rewards.

Giveaways Everywhere event in Monopoly Go! It kicked off at 10 a.m. Cairo time on December 24 and is scheduled to continue for three days until December 27. Unlike tournaments, individual events last longer and receive more rewards. You can open Up to 49 landmarks In the Gifts are everywhere A single event, offering rewards such as free dice, stickers, special events, Peg-E codesAnd more.

Every Gift Everywhere A Reward and a Milestone: The Complete List

Land on the four corner tiles. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Run for three days on Monopoly Go! It is a single-player Gifts Allaround event, which uses a points system to reach milestones that contain rewards. Landing when GO, just visit the prison, free parking, prison, or the four corners of the board, provide you with four gift wrappers that are applied to your milestones. Increase the number of gifts by landing on the corner tile with a doubled dice roll increase.

The total free dice in the Universal Gifts event is 14,925. The first landmark to offer 100 dice is five, followed by 10 which offers 225 dice. Dot Esports can validate all the achievements and overall gift rewards because we play together too.


Trigger the x2 multiplier if you don't have enough dice to go to x5 or x10. Running x2 constantly can reap more benefits than bumping back and forth all the time.

turn points Bonus gifts everywhere
One five 15 dice
two five Seven Peg-E codes
three 10 monetary
four 10 Sticker Pack (1 star x 2)
five 65 100 dice
six 15 10 Peg-E codes
Seven 20 monetary
eight 20 Sticker Pack (1 star x 2)
nine 25 monetary
10 180 225 dice
11 25 15 Peg-E Code
12 30 Cash grab 10 minutes
13 35 Sticker Pack (1 star x 2)
14 40 20 Peg-E symbol
15 three hundred fifty 400 dice
16 45 monetary
17 60 Sticker Pack (2 stars x3)
18 100 monetary
19 70 35 Peg-E code
20 700 725 dice
21 80 monetary
22 100 Sticker Pack (Three Stars x3)
23 110 55 Peg-E code
24 120 monetary
25 1300 1,200 dice
26 130 High roller 15 minutes
27 140 monetary
28 150 85 Peg-E code
29 160 Sticker Pack (Three Stars x3)
30 1000 monetary
31 175 160 dice
32 250 monetary
33 300 Sticker Pack (Four Stars x4)
34 280 105 Peg-E code
35 2000 1,700 dice
36 400 Cash grab 15 minutes
37 600 Sticker Pack (Four Stars x4)
38 700 500 dice
39 800 125 Peg-E code
40 3000 2500 dice
41 900 Sticker Pack (Five Stars x6)
42 1000 Rent Frenzy 25 minutes
43 1,100 170 Peg-E code
44 1200 900 dice
45 9500 monetary
46 1200 210 Peg-E code
47 1400 Sticker Pack (Five Stars x6)
48 1500 monetary
49 6000 6,500 dice

All inclusive gift rewards have been confirmed, which includes five-star sticker packs and Peg-E tokens. The Gift All Round event will coincide with the two-day Santa's Sprint Championship.

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Are gifts everywhere worth the rewards?

Like many others Monopoly Go! Event Rewards Universal Gift Rewards are valid until approximately level 25 is reached. I recommend playing until at least stage 20 to collect a fair amount of free dice and other rewards like Peg-E tokens and stickers. If you have an abundance of dice, reaching the 39th milestone is a solid achievement.

How Peg-E Codes Work in Gifts Everywhere

Picture Monopoly GO!  Peg-E Prize Machine
Collect Peg-E tokens to earn cash rewards. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Reaching event milestones provides gifts everywhere Monopoly Go! Peg-E codes used in the award device. Press any of the five buttons below the double button to release the Peg-E token. Prizes range from $10,000 in cash to more than $75,000. You can also increase your rewards by pressing the multiplier button before releasing the token.


Save your Peg-E codes. This allows you to freely use the multiplier when free dice are available in the prize machine. The average player can easily memorize about 25 to 50 Peg-E tokens.

Monopoly Go!  A plate with a distinctive symbol on the free parking
Use the dice multiplier to get more rewards Screenshot via Dot Esports

Hitting the four corners is harder than landing on a tile of opportunity or a rail, so when you hit one, you want it to count. The best strategy I use is to increase the dice multiplier from five to 10 when I'm about five to eight tiles away from one of the four corners. If possible, use the x2 multiplier when you are closer or farther away.

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