A behind-the-scenes video of Detroit Lions Dan Campbell making a legacy

There have been a ton of awesome videos since the Detroit Lions' first NFC North crown. Don Campbell's game speech honoring players on the team who fought in the system. Or Don Miller's game-sealing interception of Ifeed Melifonwu's spectacular call. Or a collection of locker room celebration videos from players' Instagram pages.

But the best one of all, as usual, comes from the official multimedia team of the Detroit Lions: One Bright Productions.

On Sunday night, they released a video: “Building Our Legacy Now: Detroit Lions Win Team's First NFC North Title,” that will make you cry, or at least feel good.

The video begins at a Lions team meeting on the first official day of the 2023 season: Sept. 1. In the behind-the-scenes video, we see Campbell outline his goals for the season. As the editors weave together clips from the season—the climbs and everything in between—we finally land on Campbell about two-thirds of the way through the video.

He asks the whole team to turn around and look at the wall. There, the desperate history of lions is painted for all to see. No playoff wins since 1992. No division championship since 1993. No league championship since 1957.

“We're building our legacy now,” Campbell said. “We're building our legacy now. We're in a unique position with this team. We can do something that a lot of teams can't do, and that's build a legacy.

One down. Two to go.

These four minutes are worth your time. Bring tissues.

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