Former King Constantine II of Greece dies at the age of 82


former king GreeceConstantine II has passed away at the age of 82, CNN Greek affiliate CNN Greece reported on Tuesday.

According to the Greek network CNN, the former king has been suffering from serious health problems in the past few months and has recently contracted Corona Virus the second time, which seemed to noticeably worsen his condition.

CNN Greece reported that Constantine first tested positive for Covid-19 in January 2022, after being hospitalized with pneumonia the previous month.

Constantine II was born in Psychikou, near Athens, on June 2, 1940.

He spent World War II in exile in South Africa, returning to Greece in 1946. A year later, Constantine became crown prince when King George II of Greece died and his brother Paul—Constantine’s father—ascended the throne.

Constantine II became king when Paul died on March 6, 1964.

That year he married Princess Anne Marie of Denmark in Athens. They had five children: Prince Pavlos, Princess Alexia, Prince Nikolaos, Princess Theodora, and Prince Philippos.

After a military coup in 1967, Constantine and his family fled to Rome, and the military regime appointed a regent to replace him.

The Greek monarchy was abolished on June 1, 1973, when the military regime declared the country a republic – a decision that was supported by a subsequent referendum. Constantine accepted the abolition after another referendum held by an elected civilian government in 1974.

In that year, the former king moved from Rome to England, settling in London. In the 2000s, he became a frequent visitor to Greece.

Constantine II was the cousin of Britain’s King Charles III and godfather to Prince William. His sister, Sofia, was Queen of Spain between 1975 and 2014.

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On Wednesday, the Greek government said Constantine would be buried privately at a former royal estate outside Athens.

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