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Candidate Fernando Villavicencio was shot dead after an election rally in the capital, Quito, according to reports.

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio has been killed in an armed attack following an election rally in the capital, Quito, according to the country’s President Guillermo Lasso and local media reports.

Laso confirmed Villavicencio’s killing on Wednesday and vowed that the crime would not go unpunished.

Outraged and shocked by the assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio. Lasso said on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

“For the sake of his memory and his fight, I assure you that this crime will not remain unpunished,” Lasso said. “Organized crime has gone too far, but all the weight of the law will fall on them,” he said.

Laso said he would host top security officials for an emergency meeting.

Local media reported that Villavicencio, 59, a former lawmaker who was 7.5 percent in favor of voting, was shot and killed after an election event in Quito.

According to local media reports, several others were injured in the armed attack on the Colegio Anderson in the capital.

Police guard the hospital where many of the injured were taken after the deadly attack on presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio in Quito, Ecuador, on August 9, 2023. [Juan Diego Montenegro/AP]

Villavicencio, a journalist and political activist, was one of eight presidential candidates registered to run in the elections scheduled for August 20.

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