FIFA: FIFA suspends the Indian Football Association due to ‘undue influence from third parties’, leading to the country being stripped of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.

FIFA advertiser In a press release issued on Tuesday, he said the involvement of a “third party” in the Indian Football Association, the All India Football Federation (AIFF), is in conflict with their statues, adding that the suspension would be lifted if the Supreme Court ruling and “the governing body of FIFA are overturned.” … regains complete control of the day-to-day affairs of the Federation.”

As part of the move, FIFA also stripped India of hosting the U-17 Women’s World Cup.

The ruling by the football governing body comes after India’s Supreme Court appointed the committee to take over the AFC’s “day-to-day arbiter” in May after its president, Praful Patel, failed to hold elections originally scheduled for December 2020.

In June, FIFA conducted a joint trip to India with the AFC where it “had constructive discussions with local stakeholders regarding the situation in the AFC”.

“The meetings concluded that the next steps should be the ratification of the FIFA Statutes in line with the FIFA/AFC Principles of Good Governance and the holding of an electoral conference to select the next AFC leadership. This will be based on a timetable agreed upon by the federation. International Football Association.FIFA said.

However, a little over two months after the joint trip, FIFA announced the suspension of FIFA.

“The Bureau of the FIFA Council unanimously decided to immediately suspend the membership of the All India Football Association (AIFF) due to undue influence from third parties, which constitutes a serious violation of the FIFA statutes,” the statement read.

“The suspension will be lifted once an order to form a committee of administrators to take over the powers of the AIFF Executive Committee is rescinded and the AIFF management regains full control of the day-to-day affairs of the AIFF.”

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In a letter from FIFA Secretary General – Fatma Samoura – to the member associations, Samoura said: “Therefore, representatives of FIFA and club teams are no longer entitled to participate in international competitions until the suspension is lifted.

“It also means that neither AIFF nor any of its members or officials may benefit from any development programmes, courses or training from FIFA and/or the AFC. Furthermore, we would like to remind you and your affiliates not to enter into any sporting contact with the AFC. football and/or its teams during the suspension of FIFA.”

Regarding the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup, which is set to kick off on October 11, the statement said: “FIFA is evaluating the next steps in relation to the tournament and will refer the matter to the Council Office if and when necessary.

“FIFA is in constant and constructive contact with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of India and hopes that a positive outcome to the case may still be achieved.”

In a statement released on the FIFA website, the committee responsible for managing FIFA – the Committee of Directors (CoA) – expressed its “astonishment and disappointment” at FIFA’s decision to suspend the association.

“It is unfortunate to see such guidance from FIFA at a time when all efforts are being made to get Indian football back on the right track,” said Court of Arbitration chief Anil Dev. “However, we are constantly in talks with all stakeholders, including FIFA, to find the right solution to this situation, and to get the ball back.

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“It is really unfortunate that this almost happened [the] In the past two years, the body, whose mandate has already expired, has continued in a wholly undemocratic and illegal manner, and no action has been taken. But when the esteemed Supreme Court issued an order to set the record straight so that a democratically elected body would take charge, and when the Court of Justice and the Ministry of Sports were doing their best to carry out the order of honor. The Supreme Court, the suspension order was issued by FIFA.”

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