Sega has launched the “Ultimate Sonic Bundle” on the Switch eShop, but something is missing

Photo: Nintendo Live

When something is described as ‘final’, you will be forgiven for thinking that this basically means ‘the best of the best’, or ‘the most complete package’. Heck, just look at the team Danganronpa; They are the “best” in their respective fields, displaying talent that no one else can match, right?

So when Sega launched a file Ultimate Sonic Pack On the Switch eShop just yesterday, it’s natural to assume that this includes all major Sonic releases on the Switch. As a reminder, this consists of sonic maniaAnd the sonic forceAnd the Sonic Racing TeamAnd the Ultimate Sonic Colorsrecently released Sonic Origins. You also have a file Emaar Sega Branded versions of sonic the hedgehog And the sonic the hedgehog 2 For good measure, if you’re complete.

The problem, however, is that this ultimate bundle only contains three of the above titles: Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, and Team Sonic Racing. We say “problem,” but to be clear, we’re not crying about exactly this; The title of the bundle definitely refers to something more substantial, and we were certainly surprised to see major titles from the franchise missing from this release. Not only that, but the standard price of £64.99 Pretty steep when you consider that all three titles have been included in some pretty generous sales in the past.

We’ve seen Sonic Forces drop as low as £8.74Sonic Mania goes down to £7.99and Team Sonic Racing arrives £8.74 like that. Together, this becomes somewhat attractive £25.47which is undoubtedly a more digestible amount of money than £64.99. Sure, we’re almost certain that the same package will get you some huge discounts in the future, but consider this a polite public service announcement: buying digital games separately is often kinder to your wallet than going for such bundles. Keep it in mind!

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Do you already own the titles included in the “Ultimate Sonic Bundle”, or are you going to check them out? Please let us know with a comment!

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