Eric Bischoff talks about why Cody Rhodes went to WWE for AEW

Cody Rhodes became the first All Elite Wrestling star to jump from AEW to WWE last weekend, when he surprisingly returned to WrestleMania 38 to defeat Seth Rollins. WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff spoke about Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE on the final episode of his exclusive Strictly Business podcast at where he revealed that he spoke to Cody and told him about his father, Dusty Rhodes, would be proud. Bischoff also talked about what this means for AEW talent who are looking to jump ship to WWE just as Cody did.

“We don’t know, do we?” Bischoff said. “I definitely don’t know. I don’t know how many other talents are currently in AEW, how many of them are already looking at the end of their contract and saying ‘Huh, I’ll see if that works out for me just as well as it did with Cody'”. I don’t know anything about AEW. I’m a fan of MJF, I’ve heard about his contracts sometime in 2024, and that’s a bit on the road. I don’t know if anyone else will come before that, but it’s a chance. Thats all about it. The only thing that I think is interesting is that I’d like to know what the morale really is, not when Tony is around, not when everyone else is around but when those guys are alone now that AEW’s newness has faded. She’s three years old and she has a track record now, they’ve made some really big heights for a new company, and some amazing things they’ve done early on.

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“No doubt, but that’s what happens, and that’s what I’ve seen happening around me. Do you know what happens when you start making more money than when you left your previous employer? You really get used to it, you start to take it for granted and it’s not new anymore. And you don’t feel it the way you used to. After a certain amount of time you get used to it and the talents get used to making money really fast and then it comes down to performance and passion and ego. You have a lot of talent that has come into AEW over the past two years, some of them are making a lot more money What he’s achieved in wrestling on a guaranteed basis. That’s great and you appreciate that but once you’re out of date and you get used to it, what do you want? You want a show, you want to perform. That’s why you became a professional wrestler in the first place, athletes don’t want to be on the bench and collect things , but they want to play.

After Cody Rhodes returns to WWE, Eric Bischoff The moment is called “magic.”, which reveals his enthusiasm for all participants in the situation. The WWE Hall of Famer continued to talk about the impact of the move on AEW, noting how we can see a shift in morale within the company internally.

“Now you have a very crowded roster with some very talented people, which is thanks to Tony Khan and AEW, but you can just show so many of them,” Eric Bischoff said. “Now that they’re used to the money, they’ll be looking for another opportunity just like Cody Rhodes was looking for when he first left WWE. You’re going to see a shift in morale, we won’t hear about it because no one wants to burn a bridge and see the paycheck go away. A different place now than it was before, but internally, I have to imagine there are a number of talents wondering what the future will look like in the next 12-18-24 months.”

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