Who is Dr. Terry Sanderson? Utah doctor sues Gwyneth Paltrow over ‘hit and run’ skateboarding collision in Park City

Hollywood actress turned lifestyle influencer Gwyneth Paltrow is facing a lawsuit from a man who accused her of getting into a “hit-and-run skiing accident” with him seven years ago.

The accident occurred on the slopes of Mount Flagstaff, part of Deer Valley Resort near Park City, Utah, on February 26, 2016 when Paltrow and retired ophthalmologist Dr. Terry Sanderson collided on a beginner’s course known as the Bandana Run.

Mr. Sanderson, 76, filed a damages claim in January 2019 and is seeking $300,000 in damages for his injuries, prompting Paltrow to file a counterclaim seeking a token $1 in case she wins and covers her legal expenses.

The actress described the lawsuit as a “baseless claim” and “an attempt to exploit her fame and fortune,” insisting that she “remembers what happened very clearly.”

The case finally came to trial on Tuesday, March 21, with each side arguing that the other was at fault.

Sanderson insists the movie star hit him on the slopes after he raced downhill in “out of control” According to Court TV.

It struck him in the back with such force, he claimed, that he was left with “permanent brain trauma, four broken ribs, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress and disfigurement”.

In his complaint, the plaintiff argues that Paltrow “got up, turned and drove away,” leaving him “stunned, sprawled out in the snow, grievously injured” without calling for help.

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He argues, “A ski instructor flew into Deer Valley, who was training Mrs. Paltrow, but didn’t see the accident, saw the injured Sanderson and drove away, falsely accusing Sanderson of causing the accident.”

In her countersuit, Paltrow says the coach, Erik Christiansen, actually witnessed the accident and thought she wasn’t responsible, adding that she herself took a “complete hit” in the collision and thus gave up skiing for the day. in distress.


talking while Press conference in January 2019 Along with his attorney after filing the complaint, Sanderson explained that seconds before the accident he had “heard this hysterical scream like… King Kong in the jungle or something”.

He said he drifted in and out of consciousness in the aftermath and that his “ribs felt so sore” and his “brain felt like it had been injected with novocaine”.

When asked by a reporter how a “small” woman like Paltrow could beat him, a 5’8″ tall man who weighed 160 pounds, Mr. Sanderson replied, “Speed ‚Äč‚Äčexplains it.”

The paramedic, who is said to have spent his career in the Private practice in Soda Springs, Idahoand claiming to be a skier with 30 years of experience, is backed up in his account of the accident by an acquaintance, Craig Ramone, who said in a video statement that he witnessed the accident and that Paltrow “landed right on top of it, and then you slide to the side.”

Mr. Ramon said the star “didn’t say a word” during the encounter and didn’t ask for help.

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