Elizabeth Hurley says Matthew Perry was a nightmare

his faults The 2002 comedy remembers her with her Matthew PerryAnd the Serving Sarah – But I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, the movie was nothing but a hit.

In a recent interview with Yahoo EntertainmentElizabeth spoke about her experience working with Matthew on the movie — and it didn’t seem like everything went so well.

Elizabeth said she had “fond memories” of Matthew, but “honestly, working with him at the time was a nightmare, and as it is now known, our film was discontinued due to his addiction.”

“We were in a force majeure and had to sit at home for a while.”

Matthew recently talked about making it Serving Sarah Well, including in his memoirs Friends, lovers and the big horrible thing.

In the book, Matthew says he “pissed off” the film’s director, Reginald Hudlin, by “sabotaging his film” – and that Elizabeth “never had to make another movie” after that either.

As told by Diane Sawyer in A recent interview that after returning from rehab, he had to re-express what he filmed the first time because he was stammering on his words during the initial shoot.

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Elizabeth says he “obviously…was having a hard time” while working on the film, but he was still “charming” and “beautiful” even though “you could definitely see he was suffering.”

She also said that she read excerpts from Matthew’s book which she found “interesting” – Elizabeth also praised his acting talent.

“He’s a very funny writer like a very funny guy. He’s an incredibly talented comedian…his way of words is fantastic.”

You can read the full interview with Elizabeth over here.

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