Dwayne Johnson engages in a tussle with WWE fans at the Hall of Fame ceremony

Dwayne Johnson

A verbal altercation with a WWE fan…

“Watch your fucking mouth!”

the rock He cooked up some beef during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, but it wasn't with a fellow wrestler… instead, he got into it with a WWE fan.

Dwayne Johnson attended a ceremony Friday night in Philadelphia to honor his late grandmother Leah Maivia – Wrestling promoter – who earned a spot in the WWE HOF.

While exiting the stage, a fan appears to shout something at the DJ…who stops on a dime and walks towards the barricade for a caravan.

Watch the clip… It's unclear exactly what catches The Rock's attention, but he's in no mood for a joke — and it seems to prompt the man to repeat his comment.

The guy seems to back off a bit — Johnson is on top of him, after all — and Dwayne comes out by reminding the guy to “watch your fucking mouth.”

There was no bloodshed among the crowd or anything like that…and certainly not the only memorable moment involving Johnson – who took home the 'People's Championship' belt from… Mohamed Aliwidow, Color me.

Ali – from Passed away In 2016 – he was often known as 'The People's Champion'… so the moment was like a passing of the torch between two champions.

However, it appears that someone in the audience may not consider The Rock his hero… although it's best to keep his thoughts to himself.

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