Don’t panic, Valve has already solved the supposed ‘drift’ issues in Steam Deck

picture: valve

If you can get your hands on Steam Deck and are worried about I mentioned “drift” issuesIt seems there is no need to panic.

valve, in record time (Not a time valve, thank God), has already released a fix to address supposed issues associated with Steam Deck fingers. This information comes directly from Valve designer, Lawrence Yang, in an update on Twitter.

Here’s exactly what he said – explaining how a “recent firmware update” was to blame, and the team had already sent out a fix to address the bug:

Hey everyone, a quick note about Steam Deck controllers. The team looked into the reported issues and it turned out that it was a dead zone regression from a recent firmware update. We just shipped a fix to address the error so make sure you ‘reupdate’ .

Valve’s quick response (including the fix) seems to have impressed quite a few fans. Many users on social media have also acknowledged how nice it is to see a gaming company tackle an issue like this firsthand. Others couldn’t help but compare the situation to Nintendo’s persistent issues with the Switch Joy-Con drift, which is a hardware issue.

Here is a small sample of those comments:

@minus117 – “NintendoNintendoAmerica How is the drift of the Switch handled?”

@_Solid – “Huge bravo to the development team to fix it very quickly. Meanwhile in Nintendo: Drift? Joycon Drift is a legend.”

Tweet embed – Nintendo has taken over 5 years and Steam has taken less than 24 hours.

So, there you are – if you’re thinking about Valve’s Steam Deck, you don’t seem to have to worry about the creepy drift that has plagued some of the other platforms.

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