Netflix announces two mystery films from Lindsay Lohan

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan
Photo: James Gurley (Getty Images)

For a few years at least, Lindsay Lohan seemed to be at that special stage of fame where she was could Going back to the traditional show business if she wants to, it’s just a matter of her striving for it and someone with the money decides to pay for it. Well, Netflix is ​​someone with money, and it seems more than happy to fund Lindsay Lohanissance if no one else is willing to do so.

last Maythe streaming service announced that Lohan will be bringing her back into acting after years of doing various other things in Falling in Christmasa romantic comedy about a stranded hotel heiress who suffers from amnesia and falls in love with a blue-collar inn owner, Played by Chord Overstreet from Fun. This movie is likely to be released close to Christmastime some year, but today Netflix announced that it’s producing two more movies with Lohan… and we don’t know anything about them.

Netflix shared the news in a tweet That would make the head(s) double-sided She spins, noting that “the world first fell in love with Lindsay Lohan when she played a set of twins” and that the streaming device is now “giving the world twice Lindsay for love through a creative partnership that will see her star in two new films.” (There are a lot of two photos, you see. , which is something Two-Face loves.)

But what will these films be? Well, Netflix originals generally fall into two categories: prestigious projects that cost a lot of money and rubbish. Prestigious movies sometimes suck and trash movies are sometimes a blast (not to mention massive popularity), but they are what they are. So we’re looking forward to seeing the two Oscar-dominated Lindsay Lohan sagas as Netflix scoots out making them and telling us what they are.

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